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Project Overview

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Amazing Library Spaces

PPLD is bringing the latest technology, best practices, and green thinking to its spaces to make them work better for you. Every aspect of service and all potential types of public use are being considered in developing the library of the future. From traditional library space to venues for community interaction, business centers, and creative hubs, PPLD facilities will embrace both convenience and customer service solutions to ensure that everyone in the community benefits from their investment in library service. With all of this planning, you WILL be amazed by the usefulness and sustainability of the 21st Century Library.

Relevant Collections

It is our goal to provide you with exactly what you are seeking, precisely when you need it, in the format that suits you best. This requires thoughtful evaluation of patron needs, emerging technologies, and limited funding. PPLD strives to be responsive to the community by continually updating and expanding the materials it offers and the manner in which they are delivered. You will see this reflected in both traditional materials and downloadable offerings on our CyberShelf. Books, audiobooks, music, film, and reference databases are all accessible in a myriad of ways for all types of library users. Add experiential learning and opportunities for patrons to create new content and you have the recipe for a 21st Century Library.

Collaborative Initiatives

Much of what PPLD accomplishes in the community is only possible through strategic partnerships and cooperative planning with other entities. Employment resources, early literacy initiatives, educational programs, and cultural events are all undertaken in collaboration with local and regional organizations so PPLD can leverage its resources and provide the best library experience possible to the broadest number of people. PPLD and its partners share a mission to build community and enrich lives.

Why Now?

Borrowing of materials at PPLD has increased roughly 50% in the last decade. In each of the past three years PPLD counted nearly 9 million items borrowed and 3.6 million patron visits.
The expanding need for library service, an increasing population base, and the advent of new technologies require that PPLD grow in order to maintain the level of service our community expects, and more importantly, needs.

Tri-Building Project

PPLD’s Tri-Building Project encompasses renovations to three of our locations: Penrose Library, East Library, and our Library 21c at 1175 Chapel Hills Drive. Specific changes coming to Penrose Library include an improved teen area, more meeting rooms, and more space for community collaboration. Improvements at East Library will include expanded homework and homeschool services and opening up the entire second floor for use as public space.
Library 21c features content creation areas for creative professionals, business incubation and hoteling space for businesses and nonprofits, enhanced areas for job seekers to find career assistance, and much more!


  • Projected cost is $13.2 M, 70% ($9.3M) of which is committed from District savings and capital improvement budgets. Includes the $3.75 million purchase price of the North Facility at 1175 Chapel Hills Property.
  • Public funding will be leveraged by 30% or a $3.9 million capital campaign over 3 years. El Pomar Foundation awarded a $750,000 challenge grant in January 2013 with $132,250 in additional donations received to date. Fundraising will continue under the leadership of the PPLD Foundation and will reach out to the funding community, area businesses, and individuals offering naming opportunities every level of funding. Gifts can be pledged over 3 years and will count toward the El Pomar Challenge. The campaign has currently raised 53 percent of its target.
  • Library 21c opened in June of 2014, with renovations of Penrose and East to be completed by year-end 2015.
  • The project will not incur debt and the expanded operations will be operated within current library budget projections.

21st Century Library Campaign Expansion: PHASE II and Beyond

Moving into renovation of East and Penrose Libraries offers PPLD its first opportunity to extend both the elements of 21st Century Service as well as the identity. Inside our two main facilities we will incorporate the appropriate models of new service, such as maker spaces, family place libraries, business hubs, or co-working areas.

Community Libraries are also slated to undergo 21st Century Library service and space improvements in Phase III of the initiative. They will likewise have audience specific new areas. These will be developed with input from the public and staff, as well as through the use of data related to user behaviors and trends.

Finally, MacLaren Hall, known to many as the Knights of Columbus Building in the Penrose Library Complex, will undergo a restoration and updating process that will result in a beautiful and dynamic space for exhibition and creative endeavors.

About Pikes Peak Library District

Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) PPLD is the second largest library district in Colorado. Established in 1903, PPLD serves the 620,000 residents in El Paso County providing 790 hours of library service a week across 2,090 square miles. PPLD's fifteen facilities, online resources, and mobile library service provide access to materials, technology, spaces, and programs that are critical to the public, making it a vital force for individual and community transformation. PPLD has an employee base of 448 full and part-time staff, and utilizes roughly 1,450 volunteers.

Program attendance topped 360,000 in 2013 with library meeting rooms used nearly 10,000 times by community groups. On average, PPLD checks out 24,800 items each day, with an annual circulation of 8.8 million. More than 3.5 million people walk into our libraries every year.

PPLD is its own taxing authority with 87% of revenues generated from property taxes.

Comparing PPLD to other districts of the Colorado Front Range:

Comparing PPLD to sister districts on the Front Range:

PPLD Denver Public Library Douglas County Pueblo City-County
Service populations 620,000 619,968 292,167 160,545
Revenue/capita $47.51 $55.83 $74.03 $52.03
Expenditures/capita $7.09 $7.10 $11.17 $6.36
Circulation/card holder 32.25 14.11 43.25 14.11
Number of service outlets 15 24 6 5


east side library

at one time, we had heard that the library system was looking for locations east of powers for a new site; is that still in a plan and if so, when?

West Side

Will you PLEASE stop neglecting the West side of town?!? Our tax dollars pay into the same system and all we get is shelves moved around from one end to the other. There are three pathetic end tables that are suppose to serve as adult work stations, an after-thought of a teen zone and child area. It is infuriating that all effort is placed on building new locations anywhere and everywhere in Colorado Springs EXCEPT the west side. Our ridiculous Rockrimmon branch is clearly an ignored location. It is an insignificantly small, utterly useless location. The couple times I attempted to study at this location were a miserable failure. The adult work stations sit in the aisle adjacent to books, window blinds and computers. There is NO privacy and people reach over you to open and close the blinds. If I could allocate where my tax dollars go, it would NOT be PPLD until this area of the city is addressed!

We see this new facility as

We see this new facility as our first opportunity to launch 21st Century Library Service in a location that is convenient for the entire region. Once we have opened the facility we will begin to incorporate the changes in resources and services into libraries throughout the community. Every neighborhood we serve will benefit from this project!


WOW THUNDERS!! get $$ for the small measelyy service branch at cheyenne mtn on 8th please !! the one on penrose wayyy to small to handle my and others cars !! the one on penrose main suckks !! thanks george!!

Phase II and improvements to the west

We are currently expanding 21st Century Library service into East and Penrose Libraries. In Phase III we will begin to address community library services and spaces, and our five community facilities in the western part of the county will be addressed. As plans are developed for Phase III, we look at opportunities, challenges, and public need to determine how to best serve our 21st century patrons. Your input is always important to us! Watch for ways to take part in planning over the next year.



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