Chapel Hills

Tri-Building Project

PPLD’s Tri-Building Project encompasses renovations to three of our locations: Penrose Library, East Library, and our New Library at 1175 Chapel Hills Drive.
  • Specific changes coming to Penrose Library include an improved teen area, more meeting rooms, and more space for community collaboration.
  • Improvements at East Library will include a children’s story theater and opening up the entire second floor for use as a public computer lab and meeting area.
  • Our new facility will feature content creation areas for creative professionals, business incubation and hoteling space for small businesses and nonprofits, enhanced areas for job seekers to find career assistance, and much more!
Capital Campaign Structure


West Side

Will you PLEASE stop neglecting the West side of town?!? Our tax dollars pay into the same system and all we get is shelves moved around from one end to the other. There are three pathetic end tables that are suppose to serve as adult work stations, an after-thought of a teen zone and child area. It is infuriating that all effort is placed on building new locations anywhere and everywhere in Colorado Springs EXCEPT the west side. Our ridiculous Rockrimmon branch is clearly an ignored location. It is an insignificantly small, utterly useless location. The couple times I attempted to study at this location were a miserable failure. The adult work stations sit in the aisle adjacent to books, window blinds and computers. There is NO privacy and people reach over you to open and close the blinds. If I could allocate where my tax dollars go, it would NOT be PPLD until this area of the city is addressed!

We see this new facility as

We see this new facility as our first opportunity to launch 21st Century Library Service in a location that is convenient for the entire region. Once we have opened the facility we will begin to incorporate the changes in resources and services into libraries throughout the community. Every neighborhood we serve will benefit from this project!



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