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Fine Forgiveness: We Want You Back!

PPLD will provide amnesty for all overdue Library items returned between March 6 and March 26. Late fees on overdue materials returned to a staff member during this time will be waived. PPLD is offering the amnesty to welcome community members back to the Library and materials back into the collection.

Earlier this year, PPLD eliminated overdue fines on children and teen materials and lowered overdue fines on DVDs and video games. These changes were implemented to remove barriers to Library service. The amnesty program is another way to help invite people back to the Library and ensure our resources are available to the community we serve.

Library patrons who have other outstanding fines are encouraged to come to the Library during the amnesty period to discuss ways to resolve account issues.

The amnesty program is only effective March 6 through March 26, 2017.


A book was found that is a couple of yrs overdue. If it was returned now would that be covered under the amnesty program.

Yes, please bring the item to a library staff member and we'll remove any fines.

This is really nice. What would also be nice is if you made it easier to pay fines in person. Each person in our family has a library card. We each have small fines on our cards. I have asked at two different libraries if I could just pay for all of our fines at one time. I've been told both times that they can't do that in person and we have to pay online. That's so inconvenient to log in to multiple accounts and make individual payments. Perhaps there's another way of going about this that I'm not aware of.

Without knowing the specific details, I'll make some assumptions. You should be able to pay on any family member account. Due to our confidentiality responsibilities, in most cases we won't be able to discuss title information regarding the family members, but we can accept fine payments. If you bring the library cards for each family member, we can accept payments as well as discuss the details of each account.

This amnesty program should include items returned to any PPLD drop off locations not just hand delivered to library employees. Thanks.

If you've returned something that should be eligible for amnesty, please discuss with a staff member on your next visit and we can remove the fine under amnesty. Please try to do this by March 19th. If you're unable to come in, please call your library location. We need to look at each account to handle amnesty properly and it is not feasible to do that for every item that is returned in our bookdrops.

We encourage folks to come talk to us about lost and damaged materials. While it is unlikely we will forgive the entire cost of the lost item, we are certainly being lenient and trying to work out solutions for all patrons so they can regain their library privileges. Come on in and discuss your account issues with us; we want to help!

This is a great idea! But as a reminder to everyone, please return your library materials on time so others may use them :)

With the amnesty program if you've already returned the items and just now have the fines can they still be forgiven?

Yes, if you've previously returned items and now have those fines on your account, we will forgive them. Please come talk to us!

Yes, if you've previously returned items and now have those fines on your account, we will forgive them. Please come talk to us!

I quit bringing my children to the library because of my fines. I wrote a letter asking for help with my memory issues which caused the fines and they waived $5 of my fines. But I still have $9 in fines and no help with something that would work for me other than "write it on your calendar" so we still don't visit often.

If the items have been returned, we will forgive your fines. As of the beginning of this year, we no longer have fines on children's materials.

And the "reward" for those of us who have paid our fines and paid for lost books and are current on our account? None. Way to not reward responsible behavior. Fairness would be giving everyone an amount of fines forgiven per year, not just those who've neglected their accounts.

Yes, if you've previously returned items and now have those fines on your account, we will forgive them. Please come talk to us!

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