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May 8, 2007

Reaching consensus

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Consensus through Conversation: How to Achieve High Commitment Decisions
by Larry Dressler, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 2006.

There are many ways to achieve communication and commitments to new procedures and processes in the corporate world. Sometimes the only way is to have someone at the top of the organization send down the new way and have those below implement it.

However, if your organization wants to obtain better buy-in by the people implementing and using the new procedures and processes one way to go is consensus through conversation. Using this way allows all those affected by the outcome to have a say about the necessary changes, but because they have agreed to the desired outcome or have said they can live with it the changes can be accomplished with less angst on the people making the changes.

Larry Dressler walks us through the steps to obtain consensus and how to make sure we have involved all of the right people. He details what needs to be done at each step to make sure you get consensus and what to do if you do not obtain it. He covers preparation, basic steps, and dealing with disagreement. He also presents the six traps that undermine consensus and ten tips for better consensus meetings.

A list of resources is provided for those that want to delve into building consensus decisions and learn how to better apply them to their businesses.

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