What is YOUR favorite book?
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    In an effort to create “lifelong readers”, the Pikes Peak Library District is partnering with local public schools and homeschool families to focus on children and their favorite books. This program is called Pikes Peak KidsREAD and is based upon the American Library Association’s “READ” program.   Each child is photographed with his/her favorite book (sometimes in costume), and the picture and review are made into a poster.  These posters promote the library and encourage reading by making readers, celebrities. They are displayed in the local public libraries, are shown on the library’s PPLD-TV channel as a “KidsVIEW on Books” review, and become a part of peer reader’s advisory through this blog on the Pikes Peak Library District’s KidsWEB.

    Pikes Peak FamiliesREAD is an offshoot of this program. In an effort to encourage families reading together, pictures are taken of families reading their favorite book together. These pictures are made into FamiliesREAD posters and are posted on the KidsREAD website.