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Code of Conduct Policy

Welcome to Pikes Peak Library District. The Library’s first priority is public service.

The PPLD Board of Trustees has established this Code of Conduct to ensure that PPLD can carry out its mission and to ensure that no person or group is denied access to Library facilities or services as a result of behaviors that create an unsafe or unwelcoming environment on Library properties. Failure to comply with PPLD’s Code of Conduct could result in expulsion from the Library and revocation of Library privileges or in prosecution or arrest.

Library users must be engaged in activities associated with library purposes while in Library buildings or on library property (reading, studying, using library materials and equipment, participating in a library or community program).


  1. Engaging in any activity prohibited by law.
  2. Disruptive or unsafe behavior, which includes, obstructing or intimidating patrons of the library, use of profane, obscene, threatening, or injurious language or gestures in general or directed at another patron or staff member.
  3. Activities or behavior that may result in injury or harm to any library patron or staff member, including challenging another person to fight or engaging in a fight.
  4. Open display/carry of firearms or other weapons.
  5. Interfering with library employees in the performance of their duties, including but not limited to inappropriate personal comments, sexual advances, or physical and/or verbal harassment, or entering non-public areas in the Library without authorization.
  6. Unnecessary noise, including the use of cell phones, pagers, headphones, and other communication, audio and electronic devices which disturb other patrons or staff.
  7. Sexual misconduct such as exposure, inappropriate touching, or any excessive public display of affection.
  8. Patrons with hygiene conditions, including, but not limited to, clothing odor, body odor, body lice, and overpowering perfume or cologne that interfere with the use and enjoyment of the library by other library patrons or with the functioning of library staff.
  9. Activities or behavior that may result in damage to library property or damaging library or personal property of another.
  10. Eating or drinking, except in areas designated for those purposes and/or when served with prior approval of the Library.
  11. Sleeping or lying on the floor or furniture in the library including exterior library grounds.
  12. Use of tobacco products including chewing tobacco, synthetic tobacco products or electronic (smokeless, or their equivalent) cigarettes, use of marijuana products in or on any PPLD property.
  13. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on any Library property.
  14. Misuse of Library restrooms or water fountains (including bathing, shaving, and changing or washing clothes).
  15. Animals, except for service dogs as defined by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  16. Bicycles, skateboards, shopping carts, or other conveyances are not permitted inside library buildings. Wheelchairs and strollers are permitted if being used for the transport of an adult or child.
  17. Petitioning, soliciting, panhandling or distributing/selling merchandise without the express permission of PPLD.
  18. Staring at, or following, a patron or staff in a manner that reasonably can be expected to disturb him or her, including photographing or filming persons without prior approval from PPLD.
  19. Monopolizing library space, seating, tables, stairways or equipment to the exclusion of other patrons or staff, or obstructing aisles or doorways with personal belongings.
  20. The use of incendiary devices such as candles, matches, and lighters in the library.

The behaviors listed above are for guidance and are not intended to constitute a complete list of violations.


Patrons shall wear garments covering the upper and lower torso of their bodies. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Users of PPLD’s internet and computer resources must abide by all terms of the PPLD Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy and abide by the established time limits.

Children Concerns

During Normal Hours of Operation

Children ages 0 through 7 must be directly supervised and in view of a parent, guardian, or a caregiver (at least 12 years old) at all times while in the library.

For children ages 8 through 11 a parent, guardian, or a caregiver (at least 12 years old) must be present in the library and readily available to address the child’s needs at all times.

At Closing

Parents and guardians are reminded that all children under the age of 16 must not be left unattended at the library’s normal closing time. Failure to pick up children by closing time may result in the Police Department or Sheriff’s Office being notified.

Misconduct or misuse of library property on the part of juveniles will be reported to their parents.

Personal Property

Personal property brought into the Library is subject to the following:

  • Size must be limited to no larger than 10”X16”X24”.
  • The Library may limit the number of parcels carried into the library.
  • All bags are subject to search based upon reasonable suspicion that they contain material that is in violation of PPLD policy or Library materials that have not been properly charged out.
  • The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended.
  • The Library does not provide storage for personal property.
  • Items inappropriate to Library use, including but not limited to bicycles, wagons, shopping carts, luggage, large grocery bags, large trash bags, bedrolls, and strollers without children are not allowed in the Library.
  • Personal items must not take up seating space needed by others.
  • Personal possessions such as grocery bags, trash bags, backpacks, bedrolls, shopping bags and carts, and luggage left outside Library facilities are subject to disposal.


Pikes Peak Library District reserves the right to restrict the use of its facilities and property from persons who do not abide by the Code of Conduct. Library staff and/or local law enforcement officers are authorized to expel persons who, advised of Library regulations, fail to comply with them.