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Interlibrary Loan/Request It

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Purchase Requests have been combined and are now called Request It.

New to ILL and Purchase Requests?

  • Set up a Request It account. Enter your PPLD library card number (your card needs to start with a number “4”) and PIN to register.

Already have an ILL account?

  • Apart from a few labels, ILL has not changed.
  • Purchase Requests will now be done using WorldCat and your Request It account (formerly ILL account).

Place a request

Follow these steps to place an ILL or Purchase Request:

  1. Search the Library Catalog first to see if PPLD owns the item
  2. Not in our catalog? Search WorldCat to find the item you would like to request
  3. Select the title for more information
  4. Click on the blue "Request Item" button
  5. Enter your Request It (formerly ILL) login information
  6. Make sure all required fields are filled out
  7. Click the "Submit Request" button

Manage your requests

You can now track and manage your ILL and Purchase Requests through Request It.

  • Login to your Request It account.
  • Check on the status of an existing item or request an ILL renewal.
  • Can't find an item in WorldCat? Login to your Request It account to fill out an Item, Article, or Microfilm request form.

Need Help?

  • For general questions, check our FAQ.
  • For help searching WorldCat and placing requests, contact us or call (719) 389-8968.
  • For problems logging in to your Request It account, contact Interlibrary Loan staff or call (719) 531-6333 x2317.


I put in a recent request, but it was denied. Your response was that you would copy up to 20 pages. Would you please copy the section on the Kinser family as far back into Germany that is listed, up to the family's pedigree and possible personal and historical details in the US. (In German language, the family's original name was Kuntzer).

Thank you,


A friend just recommended Stormy Cove on goodreads and its set in Newfoundland where I used to live so I would like to read it.
So far its not available in our library system.

Now that ILL and purchase request have been combined, am I limited to a total of six such requests at any one time? Or has the link to purchase request mysteriously disappeared?

I'm asking for the purchase of the latest book from Orca Books' Rapid Reads series, namely,
Tokyo Girl by Bryan Harvey, published last month, 9781459810761 .

This series is very good for adult learners and PPLD has acquired all of the books (at my request) published over the past three years.

Hi, thank you for your comments. With the recent merging of the Interlibrary Loan and purchase request system, we currently have left the request limit at 6 items total. We expected an increase in the number of requests (which has happened) so we wanted to make sure we could keep up with demand. We will be reviewing this policy in the near future to see if the 6 item limit will stay the same or change. Thank you!

Amy Rodda
Adult Services Manager

Also, we do have the book Tokyo Girl already on order. We will go ahead and put you on hold.

Thank you!

Thanks for purchasing _Tokyo Girl_. I have another purchase request, for the latest volume of the Who Was series, namely _Who Is Bruce Springsteen_ by Stephanie Sabol, 978-0448487038.

I am in Ill at PPCC. You sent Tall Blondes #168582908 on 7/20/2016. It still has not showed up.

I would like to read Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell. I can't seem to locate it

Please add more Phil Rickman books to the PPLD collection. RIckman is a British author who writes a series about Merrily Watkins, a"Deliverance Counselor" or exorcist for the Church of England. His books are intelligent, have vivid imagery, are historically accurate and unless you've read one, they aren't what you'd expect. They are a combination of mild horror, mystery, psychology and remarkable characters. They can be stand-alone books, but they build on the previous books and the characters grow and develop. Midwinter of the Spirit is the newest book and dvd. RIckman is the only author the Church of England has sanctioned to write about exorcism and he has been given access to their files.
Thank you.