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CyberShelf - eBooks

OverDrive (CyberShelf)
OverDrive currently hosts more than 650,000 premium digital titles from more than 1,000 publishers. Current formats are Kindle, ePub, and PDF. You can access your eAccount information here.

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Aug. 11, 2014: OverDrive Has New Features!

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ComicsPlus: Library Edition
An online streaming service that provides libraries with access to thousands of digital graphic novels, comic books to virtually any mobile device, tablet or PC. The catalog currently includes over 7,000 digital graphic novels, comic books and manga from over 80 major publishers catering to all ages and interests. Available genres include fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, memoir, biographies, classical literature, mystery, horror, fantasy, romance, and, of course, superheroes.

Currently ComicsPlus is working on an app for their Library Edition. Until it’s available, please enjoy these comics in your browser. We’ll post a link for the app here as soon as it’s ready.

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20,000+ always available titles that you download using a token method. You will need a PPLD library card that starts with a '4' and a PIN to access this service.

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EBooks for Book Clubs

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Gale Virtual Reference Library
Search PPLD's entire collection of Gale reference eBooks on variety of subjects, including history, science, government, and more.

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Animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love.

NEW! TumbleBookCloud
Videos and chapter books suitable for middle school and high school grades.

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Videos and chapter books suitable for elementary grades.

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Free eBooks
A list of free eBook websites compiled by PPLD librarians.


Audio books

I love your overdrive service. I am always reading one book and listening to another. I look for christian romance and I can't find as many in the audio version. I just finished listening to Shelley Sheppard Gray Thankful and Hopeful. I would like to listening to the third book in the series, Joyful but it is not available in an audio book. I am not trying to complain but now I am hooked and would love more. Thanks, Cath

Thank you for your inquiry.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please follow these instructions to suggest purchase of this title. Be sure to select the option to place yourself on hold for it:

No more kindle books?

Been using overdrive for a while, but it seems all the newest books are no longer able to be downloaded to kindle. Only within the Overdrive application. Did something change where they no longer offer kindle?

Hi there, Unfortunately

Hi there,
Unfortunately OverDrive is only allowed to provide the formats that publishers and authors allow. Many publishers prefer to sell ebooks directly on the Amazon consumer site. They limit what is available on Kindle to libraries. When purchasing, the Library has always bought ebooks in every format available to the library community.
If you need assistance in downloading another format, feel fee to contact me and we can look at your other options.
Thank You,
Sandy Hancock

recommend ebooks

How do I recommend ebooks to buy?

Hi there. Try these

Thank you!

I want to applaud you for the excellent selection of Christian fiction ebooks you carry. You are not only buying them but you are buying the most sought after titles. It didn't use to be like this so I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your Christian fiction collection development. I am a happy patron!

You're welcome!

You're welcome!


I searched for "Fiction" and selected Cybershelf under Library and most of the results (of 72 total results) are thus:

Cover image for Novels for students. Volume 42 [electronic resource] : presenting analysis, context, and criticism on commonly studied novels / Sara Constantakis, project editor ; foreword by Anne Devereaux Jordan.Novels for students. Volume 42 [electronic resource] : presenting analysis, context, and criticism on commonly studied novels / Sara Constantakis, project editor ; foreword by Anne Devereaux Jordan.
Novels for students. Volume 42 [electronic resource] : presenting analysis, context, and criticism on commonly studied novels / Sara Constantakis, project editor ; foreword by Anne Devereaux Jordan.

I believe there is a problem with your search engine regarding Cybershelf. My results were similar when choosing Ebooks and searching for various types of fiction including science fiction, alternative history fiction, historical fiction, and action fiction.

I hope you will be able to correct this problem since I intend to do the majority of my reading utilizing ebooks since I received a tablet as a gift.

Thank you,

Mike K.

Hi there. The best way to do

Hi there. The best way to do what you are asking is the following:

1. From the Catalog home page, please choose 'Digital Catalog (only ematerials)' from the Everything drop-down menu
2. Leave the search field blank
3. Limit the results to fiction by using the Subject facet on the left side

Here's an example:

And here's why:

Hope this helps!

Poor search ability in cyber shelf

I agree with the patron who complained about the new format of the cyber shelf search engine. I try to search for a book by title, and it brings up books by authors with a name similar to the title I had typed. It is really terrible. I usually end up going back into the regular library catalog and searching there to see if the book is even available in cyber shelf. Sometimes that doesn't even work! Whomever your tech person is, obviously does not actually use this library site they work on. Please have someone do the job correctly as it is very frustrating to have to dig and dig for something that should show up after a few clicks of some keys.

Search ability in Cybershelf

Hi Laura,
The Cybershelf catalog is provided and maintained by a third party, OverDrive. We have reported the issues with the search function to OverDrive, and they are working on updating the system. I apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope to have it updated in the near future.


i pay taxes

for this library and its website does provide info on how to download ebooks

Hi there. Here's a link to

Hi there. Here's a link to our Help page (it's also in the tabs of this page)

You'll find instructions on how to download eBooks there. Thanks.


So, who used to maintain the cyber shelf search engine? It used to work fairly well. Maybe the library should go back to that company.

Hi there. The company has

Hi there. The company has always been OverDrive.

checking out e books to a kindle

I got a new kindle. I picked up the directions for the kindle from the library. But I feel that there are some steps missing. First of all, what website do I use? I tried because none was listed. Then the paper says to transfer a kindle ebook to your kindle over we-fi: step on eis click go to bookshelf. Where is go to bookshelf? It is not one of the headings on the toolbar so I tried cybershelf. I didn't see it there either so I clicked on this add new comment section. Can someone please send detailed step by step directions, or tell me where to find them? Because there are not step by step directions on the page that I was given by the reference librarian who said this paper would answer all my questions.

Checking out eBooks to a Kindle

Hello there, sorry to hear you are having troubles checking out library books on your Kindle.
Try following the link listed below, to our Cybershelf: Kindle handout. It has a step by step guide to the procedure.


E-books to kindle

Impossible, spents hours trying this. Finally just bought the books.
Not user friendly. Need a new frustrating! Agree the tabs are not in I pad

E-Books to Kindle

I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles downloading ebooks using the Kindle app on your iPad. Please feel free to contact me at or 719-531-6333 x 2309, if you would like further assistance.
Another source that may be of use is on the OverDrive website:



The Bookshelf referred to in previous question is on your KINDLE. When I download a book using Overdrive, I will get referred to Amazon to 'buy" the book at $0.00 cost; I select the buy and it downloads it to my BOOKSHELF; Actually it show up on the Kindle Carousel and I remove it from the carousel, but it's always in the Bookshelf.



I can't return a book!

So, I got an "eBook" over the website and didn't notice that it was actually an Audio Book. I would like to return it but have not been given that option. The only thing it says is "If you have already downloaded this, you may only be able to return in the format you've downloaded it in." Except I haven't downloaded it because I don't have the software needed to do that properly. I don't know what's going to happen when it's due. Will it just be taken off my account? Will I be fined a late fee? Will I not be able to return it unless I download it? I don't mind having it on there but I don't want to keep anyone from it and/or cause an issue with my account.

Basic information about library's ebook services missing.

It is the library that must define what "expire," "return," and other, possibly metaphorical, terms mean in relation to ebooks. Certainly the Overdrive and Kindle apps do not explain these terms, and it is likely that library patron will expect penalties if they do not perform the "return" of an ebook. I don't think there is an answer on your site.

Hi there. Good point. I've

Hi there. Good point. I've contacted our virtual services staff with your suggestion.

website confusion

What happened to your website? I haven't checked out a book for my Nook for several months and decided to get a couple books for a trip. Went on your site and can't figure out how in the world to navigate it! What was wrong with the old format? I could get in and browse for books by a certain author or a certain genre and it made perfect sense. This new "system" has me totally confused and discouraged.

Confusing and non-helpful

I ran across the book "Dodger" by Terry Pratchet. Your catalog said it was available as an ebook. It provided no other information. You have many e-book options, none of which provided me with an ability to locate the book, let alone read it. I have given up and reserved the hardcopy.

Please add some clarity to your site; as it is, you have a cornucopia of impedimentia to using the e-book program.

Hi there. If you do a search

Hi there. If you do a search in the Catalog for "Dodger" and click on the eBook version, you can then click on "Click here to access this eTitle" where it says 'Electronic Access' in orange. Hope this helps!