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Forgot Your PIN?


Don't know Library Card Number

I havent used this in years, i dont remember the card number or even what was my old address and phone number.

Hi there. Give us a call at

Hi there. Give us a call at 389-8968 and we'll get you sorted out.

Memorizing Pin

The best way to memorize your libary card # is to start 3 digits at a time.....Hope this helps

Library card

I don't have my card and I cant get a book out.....

Hi there. Stop by any of our

Hi there. Stop by any of our library locations with your picture ID and we'll help you check out your books.

Library card

I haven't used idt for so many years & want to again...I don't know my account number or pin.

Hi there. Come into any PPLD

Hi there. Come into any PPLD library with id and proof of address and we'll take care of you.

"we'll be in touch with you shortly"

I think perhaps your idea of "shortly" is quite a bit different than mine.

Hi there. The Library only

Hi there. The Library only responds to PIN request during open hours. PPLD opens on Saturdays at 10 a.m. and responds to emails after that time. We apologize for the inconvenience, but until our Catalog software offers a PIN reminder service, we have to do it this way.


I don't even remember my library card number or pin, and I lost the actual card itself. HELP?!


Go to the libary and tell them you need help. It's my advise.

Hi there. Stop by any of our

Hi there. Stop by any of our locations with picture ID with your current address (a piece of mail will work if it's not up to date on your ID). Bring $1.00 and we'll replace your card and get you all settled.

lost password

I AM SUBMITTING the number on my key card. Now this might be my husband' s instead of mine? I know when I check out books inside the library sometimes , I would just pull out my drivers log. If it was in an other wallet. Not locating it drivers log. # is (deleted) if that helps you pull up my pass word. Thanks, Gloria.Gray