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How to Delete OverDrive Audiobooks from iPod

Users may delete transferred OverDrive Audiobooks from their iPod using iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer and run the iTunes application.
  2. Click on your iPod's name under ’Devices’ on the left hand side of the iTunes interface.
  3. Click on the 'Summary' tab and under 'Options’, make sure you have checked the 'Manually manage music' check box.
  4. Click the arrow to left of your iPod device to expand the contents view. The list expands to display the 'Music' and 'Books' categories on your iPod.
  5. Select 'Music' or ‘Books’ (depending on the title), and select the titles you want to delete and press the 'delete' key on your keyboard.
  6. Once you have deleted your tiles, safely remove your iPod by clicking the ‘eject’ button to right of your ‘iPod’s name’.


delete books from ipod touch

call apple support. fantastic service.
i cleared my ipod in less than five minutes.

Deleting an audiobook

I can't tell you how much I appreciate something that I read today on this page. I've been searching, spending hours trying to figure out why suddendly my audiobooks on my iPod were not visible. Little did I know that I could click on the arrow next to device and there they are... how simple... what a lot of time I wasted today Thank you so much.

Removing Audiobooks from iPod

I found the answer to my earlier question on an overdrive website. When I expanded "device," the titles of the audiobooks appeared separately and I hit delete. But what I didn't realize was that they also appeared under Books and needed to be deleted there also.

REmoving Audiobook from iPod Touch

I followed the instructions given here, but the audiobooks downloaded from my library via OverDrive are still on the iPod. They disappeared from the expanded device list in iTunes on my desktop computer, but they didn't disappear from the iPod. Do you have any further suggestions?

Slide and delete on the title on your ipod.

Slide and delete the title on the ipod. All the research to fix this annoying problem. There is a you-tube video on it. It has nothing to do with your iTunes on your computer. Simply take your finger and swipe from left to right on title of the book on your ipod and it should give you a DELETE in red. tap delete and it takes the title off the ipod.

Unable to delete audio books from an iPod Touch

The newer iTunes doesn't allow me to access my iPod like before. It wants to hijack me into the iTunes world and "sync" everything (meaning take over). Any work arounds before I run out of memory with audiobooks I can't delete?

Deleting WMA Audiobooks from iPod through iTunes

As of iTunes 11.1.3 (8)

1. Under "View" in the top Menu Bar choose "Show Sidebar" (don't know why this isn't shown by default)

2. When device is connected it will be listed under "Devices" in the now visible Sidebar.

3. Expand the contents on the device by clicking the little arrow left of the device name.

4. To delete an entire audiobook, you can right click it in the Sidebar list and choose "Delete" (or choose it and hit the Delete key)

5. To delete specific chapters of an audiobook, you can choose "Audiobooks" from the Sidebar and they will all be listed in the main panel for you to manage.

Pro-Tip - You can use this same method to play the Audiobooks on your computer from iTunes instead of the Overdrive Console Software (or on a Mac where the Overdrive Console doesn't allow for WMA files)

Two Clarifications

- I was using a Mac to write up these instructions originally. For Windows (specifically Windows 8) the Menu Bar does not show by default either. You can unhide the Menu Bar from the drop down menu in the very top left corner (or use Ctrl+B) and then follow Step 1 above. Or you can just use Ctrl+S to unhide the Sidebar.

- I was incorrect about Step 4 above. If you delete the listing of the audiobook from the Sidebar you are only deleting the playlist, not the files. Follow Step 5 to delete the files.