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Scope Statement

The database includes over 500 programs and agencies that provide human and social services programs to citizens in the Pikes Peak region (El Paso and Teller counties). These services may include but are not limited to: counseling, financial aid, crisis intervention, hotlines, support groups, health and medical assistance, education, and legal aid.

Programs and agencies include local, state, and federal government entities as well as private and nonprofit groups of many sizes. Staff index entries by subject to provide easy access for a wide range of users who require contact information or referral. In addition to the subject search, the database also offers name (program or agency) and word search capabilities. Each listing provides key information about programs and projects, from location and hours of operation to eligibility criteria for services. The database is not designed to duplicate a commercial telephone listing or business directory but to provide a quick index for those who need services.

Criteria for Inclusion

  • The program/agencies listed in this database must provide a valuable and recognized human and/or social service to the Pikes Peak community. The program or agency's work must be of a quality and quantity to address effectively the needs, problems, and issues of area residents.
  • Services must be available to all members of the community who meet the stated eligibility requirements.
  • Programs/agencies must render services either free or at low cost or be affiliated with a national service group. Selected profit-making organizations are included only if they offer a unique service to the community.
  • Program/agencies must have a sound financial base and must have been in operation long enough to establish a reasonable degree of continuity and permanence.
  • Programs/agencies must demonstrate the ability to deliver services through the maintenance of adequate facilities, qualified and knowledgeable staff, and regular hours.
  • Programs/agencies should have geographical relevance to the area served and be easily accessible to all members of the community. Although the majority of agencies in this database are located in Colorado Springs, the database includes a few county, state, and national organizations that provide unique services not locally duplicated.
  • Programs/agencies listed agree that the Pikes Peak Library District may release information to the public and other governmental and non-profit institutions.
  • A completed application/review form about the agency or program must be provided at the time of listing and at annual updates, including such details as: contact person and phone numbers, location, hours, description of services, eligibility requirements, application/intake procedures, and name of the parent
  • The Pikes Peak Library District reserves the right to make editorial changes to content and format of submissions.
  • Agencies/programs may be removed at their requests or should they fail to meet the criteria for inclusion or requests for updates.


In an effort to secure accurate information for the users, two staff members maintain the database; one annually requests a review of the data listed for each entry, while the other maintains finding aids, such as indexing, notes, and "see" or "see also" records.


Inclusion of a program or agency in the database does not mean or imply that the library endorses or sanctions the program or agency. This database is not meant to serve as a sales, promotional, or marketing venue. The responsibility of choice rests with the user. Although library staff strive to keep information updated, it is possible that specific information within the listing may change at any time or may not represent a full spectrum of the community. Because the database is available to the general public as well as various government and nonprofit institution

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