1. Mark is a second generation native to Colorado and loves the area too much to want to leave.

  2. My name is Tom. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs during the 1940s and 1950s, which in many people's opinions was the "best of times." I am retired, but I write and paint in oils and acrylics. My art has won several awards including a couple of "Best of Show." I have previously published "Memoirs of a Bureau Curmudgeon" and my latest effort is available now is entitled "From Hell Raiser to Hall of Famer: Best of Times." Both works are autobiographical.

  3. The author was born in Colorado Spring and has lived here all her life.

    Published Works:
  4. Allen, Reverend Caron M.

    Rev. Allen is a member of the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church (EMBC) where she serves as one of the associate ministers to Rev. Cleveland A. Thompson in the capacity of Director of Operations.

    A 33-year law enforcement veteran (retired), Rev. Allen lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Henry Allen, Jr., retired first sergeant from the United States Army. She and her husband have a blended family of eight adult children, 21 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.


  5. My wife and I have been counselors for many years. We lived in Texas for 17 years and returned to Colorado in 1997. I was instrumental in the formation of Rapha, an organization that placed mental health treatment programs in hospitals around the country. I also operated psychiatric/counseling clinics in Houston and San Antonio.

  6. Anderson, John

    John Wesley Anderson, El Paso County Sheriff 1995-2003 (retired) has lived in the Pikes Peak Region since 1956 and grew up in the shadow of Pikes Peak on a ranch in eastern El Paso County where he loved riding horses and collecting arrowheads. John enjoyed a thirty year law enforcement career, including twenty-two years with the Colorado Springs Police Department and two four year terms as Sheriff for El Paso County.

    Much of John’s law enforcement experience was spent as a homicide...

  7. Received BS in Physics, Math, and Latin at Mercer University, then a Master of Science in Mathematics from Emory, after which I moved to Colorado Springs to work at NORAD/SpaceCommand as the Mathematician at the Directorate of Astrodynamics. Later I worked on the "Star Wars" program (SDI) at Falcon AFB (now Schriever). I taught math courses at UCCS for almost 12 years, then at the US Air Force Academy. I was recruited by the University of Maryland to teach for the European Division, and...

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  8. After receiving degrees in Philosophy, Biology, and Psychology at Mercer University, Dr. Arangno received an MA at the University of Georgia, and her PhD, at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She served on the Medical Ethics Committee at Rose Medical Center, Denver, CO, and the St. Francis Ethics Committee in Colorado Springs, CO. She also served on the Chancellor's Advisory Committee at UCCS, and now serves as a member of the Student Retention Program.

    Current interests and...

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  9. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Linsey Baldwin is the third child and second daughter in a military family. Linsey and her husband Tom traveled for many years, finally settling down in southern Colorado in 2000. Linsey and Tom have three grown children and one grandchild.

    In her debut novel, Mom's Summer, Linsey provides a fresh, heartwarming perspective to handling the illness and loss of a dear loved one.

    Published Works:
    • Mom's Summer (Sarah Book Publishing, 2016)
  10. Bale, Mary

    Prior to moving to Colorado Springs in 2002 I wrote and published articles relating to community, current issues, family and local, and historical articles in the Phoenix metro area. My work appeared in newspapers and magazines.

    Shortly after moving to the Springs I became a GrandFriend volunteer in School District 11. My grandchildren and the students I work with inspired me to write children's stories. Since 2005 I have written and published five children's books. Also I have had...

    Published Works:
  11. Marty Mokler Banks is a children's author, travel writer, editor, tennis player, hockey fan and dog lover.

    As a full-time writer, her books and articles show a bit of a split personality--the reality of making the writing life work. Her magazine stories are often about exotic, freakishly amazing places all over the world. She's also co-authored a travel book about her hometown: Insiders' Guide to Colorado Springs (Globe Pequot Publishers, 2011). But long ago, her love of reading...

  12. Mother of two daughters. Docent Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for 10 years. Docent at Fountain Creek Nature Center and Bear Creek Nature Center from 1991 to the present. Author of five prose books and a good deal of poetry.

    Published Works:
  13. Bazer, Ashley

    Ashley Hodges Bazer lives in Colorado with her husband and three kids. She earned her BA in theatrical stage management from Arizona State University, and went on to work for Disneyland in that capacity. She is currently a producer for Focus on the Family's daily radio program. Her debut novel, ASYLUM, was traditionally published by WestBow Press in 2012.

    Learn more about Ashley and her upcoming books at www.AshleyBazer.com.

  14. Beasley, Elizabeth

    Living in the Colorado mountains serves as Elizabeth's inspiration for writing poetry and other inspirational works. She has been writing, speaking, singing, and inspiring people since the age of 8. She is now raising her grandson due to drug addiction and her daughter, and speaks out as often as possible encouraging all to "Not even try it one time!". Her heart's desire is to impact young and old alike to be their very best.

    The Pikes Peak Library District shows such total...

  15. I attended schools in Colorado Springs from 3rd grade through 12th, graduating from Harrison High School in 1972. I have written Colorado Women: A History, the first full length chronicle of the lives, roles, and contributions on women in Colorado, including those in the Pikes Peak Region.

  16. Bell, Donnell

    Donnell Ann Bell is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, Deadly Recall and The Past Came Hunting, both of which were nominated for the prestigious Golden Heart from Romance Writers of America®. Deadly Recall is also a 2014 EPICON nominee for best thriller/suspense. Her fourth book from Bell Bridge Books was released in 2014.

    She has made her home in Colorado Springs for the past 28 years, and writes around this theme: Suspense too close to home. Her...

  17. I came to Colorado in 1973 because of the beauty of the land and the promise of the future.

    Published Works:
    • Busy Body Board Book Series (Price Stern Sloan, 1987)
    • I've Got Your Nose! (Doubleday, 1991)
    • How to Promote Your Children's Book on a Shoestring (co-written with Donna Guthrie)(Children's Book Insider, 1994)
    • The Young Authors Do-It-Yourself Book: How to Write, Illustrate and Produce Your Own Book (co-written with Donna Guthrie)(Millbrook Press, 1994)
    • The Young Producer's Video Book: How to Write, Direct, and Shoot Your Own Video (co-written with Donna Guthrie)(Millbrook Press, 1995)
    • Putting on a Play: The Young Playwright's Guide to Scripting, Directing, and Performing (co-written with Donna Guthrie)(Millbrook Press, 1996)
    • The Young Journalist's Book: How to Write and Produce Your Own Newspaper (co-written with Donna Guthrie)(Millbrook Press, 1998)
    • Writing Mysteries, Movies, Monster Stories, and More (co-written with Donna Guthrie)(Millbrook Press, 2001)
    • The Case of the Sneaky Stinger: Nick Anderson, N.I. Series (Scholastic, 2003)
    • The Case of the Garden Monster: Nick Anderson, N.I. Series (Scholastic, 2003)
    • The Case of the Missing Bluebirds: Nick Anderson, N.I. Series (Scholastic, 2003)
    • Don't be a Copycat! Write a Great Report Without Plagiarizing (Enslow Publishing, 2008)
    • "Good Night and Good Morning." (poetry) Babybug Magazine, Cricket Magazine Group. September, 2006
    • The Making of a Storybook: Mary Calhoun, Colorado Storyteller (video) (Chip Taylor Communications, 1991)
    • Contributor to Colorado Fever, 1983-1985
    • "Inspiration, with a Six-foot Wingspan" appearing in The Christian Science Monitor, December 4, 2006
    • "Beans in One Hand, Corn in the Other" appearing in The Gazette, October, 2009
  18. I came to Colorado Springs as an editor on the team that founded WaterBrook Press/Random House. After four years with the company, I decided to go freelance but we had fallen in love with Colorado--it's home now.

  19. I have lived in Colorado Springs since 1959. I volunteer at the Fine Arts Center, Cheyenne Mt. Zoo, Bear Creek Nature Center, Garden of the Gods, and White House Ranch. Inspiration from out-of-town walking tour books led to Trips On Twos. I am actively involved in presenting bus tours, walking tours, slide presentations, talks, school programs, adult education and Elderhostel classes (Local, Colorado, Rocky Mountain West)

  20. Bigelow, Brian

    Author Brian Bigelow is originally from Minnesota and currently lives in Colorado with his wife Brandy. He is an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, and fantasy and has, for over 30 years, also written poetry which has been published worldwide. His most recent release is the classic fantasy novel, Beyond Realms.

  21. Published Works:
  22. L. Annette Binder was born in Germany and came to Colorado Springs at the age of five. She grew up in the Springs and graduated from Mitchell High School. Her stories are almost all set in Colorado Springs and its environs.

    Published Works:
  23. Blackburn, Alexander

    Alex's mother came from an old family in Connecticut, the Cheneys, artists and silk manufacturers, and named him after his uncle, Dr. Alexander Lambert of New York, personal physician to President Theodore Roosevelt and one of the founders of Medicare. Alex's father, a Rhodes Scholar from South Carolina and professor of English at Duke University, mentored an entire generation of Southern writers, including William Styron, Ann Tyler and Reynolds Price.

    After college, Alex volunteered...

  24. Blake, Anna

    Anna Blake was born in Cavalier County, North Dakota, in 1954. She is a writer, dressage trainer, and horse advocate. Her books include Stable Relation, a Memoir of One Woman’s Spirited Journey Home, by Way of the Barn and Relaxed & Forward: Relationship Advice from Your Horse.

    Blake resides at Infinity Farm on the flat, windy, treeless prairie of Colorado, where the herd includes horses, llamas, goats, dogs, cats, ducks, and everyone's moral compass, Edgar Rice...