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Lost and Found Guidelines

Property Left Unattended Inside Library Buildings

The Security Division within each library handles District-wide lost and found items from inside each library. Security Staff classifies the property and then makes a reasonable effort to determine and notify the owner of items having identification information (including phone calls, email, or a letter to the person’s last known address, if possible).

Depending on the type of item, property left unattended inside a library building may be held up to 30 days before disposal. While the retention period and manner of disposal depends on the item, most fall into the following categories:

  • "Hi-Val" identity items such as wallets, checkbooks, payroll checks, credit/debit cards, drivers licenses, ID cards, etc. – held up to 30 days, then returned to issuing agency or destroyed.
  • Other "Hi-Val" items such as cell phones, cameras, portable music players, electronics, jewelry, umbrellas, watches, keys, and medications – also held for 30 days, then donated to a local charity (or, as in the case of medications and keys, destroyed).
  • Clothing, eyeglasses, book bags, books, and calculators, – held up to 30 days, and then donated to charity.
  • Trash and hazardous and perishable items may be discarded immediately.
  • All unclaimed money will be provided to the nonprofit PPLD Foundation fund after 30 days.

An individual wishing to recover a personal item left in a library building should contact the library’s Security Staff. Security Staff may ask the individual to provide identification documents and/or information about the item that would indicate ownership.

Property Left Unattended Outside Library Buildings

The Library District does not allow patrons to bring into library buildings large items and items that are not related to use of library resources. These include bicycles, wagons, shopping carts, luggage, large grocery bags, large trash bags, backpacks, bedrolls, and strollers without children. Size of personal belongings brought into library buildings is limited to no larger than a student’s typical book bag or a backpack used as a book bag (approximately 10”X16”X24”). Out of concern for maintaining safety of patrons and staff, clean and attractive library grounds, and unobstructed access to library entrances, the Library District does not allow patrons and visitors to leave personal items on library grounds outside library buildings (except for bicycles left by patrons and staff in bicycle racks/areas while such persons are in library buildings). Items left on library grounds are subject to disposal by Library staff or removal by the Colorado Springs Police Department, in the discretion of the Library Security Staff. Library Security Staff will not typically open backpacks and other similar items left outside in an attempt to determine ownership or whether valuables are contained in them. Persons who have questions about items left outside library buildings should contact Library Security Staff who will seek to provide the Police Department number for property removed by the Police Department, (719) 444-7744. Property removed by the Police Department is handled according to City procedures. The Library District may post signs outside library buildings concerning this policy, with a notice such as the following: Do not leave personal property unattended. Items left unattended are subject to removal and disposal.