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Meeting/Study Rooms: High Prairie Library

Address: High Prairie Library - 7035 Old Meridian Rd., Peyton, CO 80831 - map it!
Phone: (719) 260-3650
Wireless: Free - 200 mbps
Parking: Free

High Prairie Library Meeting/Study Room Policy

Meeting Room

Reservations can be made once per week, up to six months in advance, and up to 48 hours before the reservation time. If a reserved meeting room is not in use 30 minutes after the reservation start time, the Library will make the room available to other groups.

Room Capacity: 35

Hours: Same as library hours. Closes 30 minutes prior to library closing.

The group utilizing the room is responsible for setting up the tables and chairs. Furnishings and equipment in the public area are not for use in the meeting room.

Provided at no charge if available

  • Projector (laptop not included)
  • Screen
  • Tables (up to 9)
  • Chairs (up to 35)
  • DVD player


  • There is a non-refundable $50 fee for catered events or for having food other than dry snack food and covered beverages in a meeting room.
  • Cooking, warming or heating food in the room is prohibited.
  • The Library does not provide supplies and equipment for serving beverages and snacks.
  • The group is responsible for tidying up the room after the meeting. If cleaning is required after the meeting, an additional $50 charge will be assessed.
  • Preferred caterers

Room Usage Fee: None

Please Contact the Meeting Room Coordinator, or call (719) 884-9827.
Groups that fail to cancel a reservation three business days in advance or groups that do not show up on the reserved date can be denied future access to Library meeting rooms.

Reserve the High Prairie Library Meeting Room

Study Room

Room Capacity: 6

Call High Prairie Library at (719) 260-3650 to reserve.


I would like to see about reserving the meeting room for October 15, 2016 from to 1-4:30 PM. We will have donuts and coffee that we will supply for this meeting. Please contact me via email or by phone at 719-298-7074.

Thank you,
Angela Ritchey

I would like to request the meeting room Wednesday at 9am - 10:30am; every Wednesday.

We are currently there on Wednesdays now and would like to extend our room for the rest of December throughout next year

Thank you,
Amber Lane

Hello! I've been thinking of creating an group that would meet every once and awhile. Would Any of your rooms allow art supplies? I would for sure bring table cloths to protect the tables. Would that be something that's allowed? Thank you so much for your time!