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New Catalog FAQs and How-To


Rosetta Stone software

I heard from a friend that you can access Rosetta Stone language learning software through PPLD. I have searched the site but not seen any information on this. Can you tell me how? (or whether or not it is true.)

Hi there. Your friend was

Hi there. Your friend was correct, we do have Rosetta Stone. You'll need a library card and pin to access it, but here's the link:

To find it on our website, click on 'Research' in the upper toolbar and select 'Languages' from the list of subjects.

The Computers

I live at the Villa's of Southgate and they are providing 2 computers for the residence use. This is a senior independent living source. Can you help me with some rules you found necessary to request of patrons to help keep things running smoothly and prevent total destruction. I am a monitor and would appreciate any suggestions . Examples I'm thinking: No food or pornography, etc., Keep computer volume level respect... Thanks for all you do for us having a great library !

Hi there, you could take a

Hi there, you could take a look at our Code of Conduct Policy:

or our Internet Use Policy:

Those may help. In fact, here's a list of all of our policies:


Any way I can call up past history of materials i have checked out? I am a teacher and don't remember the name of a couple videos i want to review again. thanks much

Hi there. I'm so sorry, we

Hi there. I'm so sorry, we don't have the option to view previous check-outs enabled for patron privacy reasons. Perhaps if you can remember what the videos were about we can help you track them down.

Hold issues

The website is preventing me from placing a hold on certain materials. Every time I would place a hold it would say "Hold not Allowed" regardless of which library I chose to pick it up at.
Is there an issue with the website?

Thanks for the help

Call #s:

Hi there. I was able to

Hi there. I was able to place holds on both items successfully. Please try again, and if you still are having issues, please call us at 719-389-8968 and we'll be happy to assist you.

Book Request

Will you be getting "Awoken" by Timothy Miller or other titles by Spencer Hill Press?

Hi there. Please follow the

Hi there. Please follow the instructions here for requesting we purchase a book:



I placed a few books on hold, but when I logged back in to my account a few minutes later the check if everything in my holding section was still there all the books I placed on hold weren't there. it said I had no holds at all. what should I do?

Hi there. Give us a call at

Hi there. Give us a call at 719-389-8968 and we'll get you put on hold for your items. Sorry about that!

Book on account

I returned this one book, but my account says I still have it checked out. And I know I returned it. What should I do?

Hi there. Give us a call at

Hi there. Give us a call at 719-531-6333 x1382 and we'll look into it. Thanks.


What does this mean: Privilege has expired, when you try an put something on hold? I had to leave town for a family emergency and completely for got to put my unfilled holds on "hold". Am I in trouble now?

Hi there. PPLD library cards

Hi there. PPLD library cards expire after three years. You can come into your local library with picture id and we will reinstate the card. Thanks!

Library Card Expired?


I believe my library card might have expired. My kids have been using their cards but I probably have not checked anything out in three years.

Can my card be reinstated?


Hi there. Unfortunately, you

Hi there. Unfortunately, you do need to come into one of our locations with picture ID to have the card reinstated. Thanks!

Vacation Hold

Is there any way online to put a stop on my holds when I am on vacation?

Vacation holds

You can also log onto your account and suspend your holds until a later date. You can also release these holds the same way.

Hi there. You can contact us

Hi there. You can contact us ( by phone and we'll suspend unavailable holds for you. Thanks!

Books checked out

Is there a way I can view the items I have checked out in the past?

Hi there. We're sorry, we

Hi there. We're sorry, we don't keep a record of previously checked out books.

address update

I didn't find an edit feature for my personal information. Must I update my address at the library?

Hi there. Yes you must

Hi there. Yes you must update your mailing address in person. Stop by any library with proof of your new address (a piece of mail is fine) and we'll get you updated. Thanks!

Link still not working to change e-mail/phone

I also am trying to change my phone number. I get to the correct login page on the older system
I go to my account and click on the update e-mail/phone. I put in the correct information and this is what shows up. Help please!

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a03ea'

Syntax error

E:\INETPUB\PUBLICWEBSERVER\CATALOG\../includes/recaptcha_lib.asp, line 5

function recaptcha_challenge_writer(publickey)

Hi there. Thanks so much for

Hi there. Thanks so much for letting us know about this. It's fixed now. Thanks again!

Typo? Not really John "Erving" is it?

In one person [sound recording] / John Erving.
In one person [sound recording] / John Erving.
In one person
Irving, John, 1942-
Additional Author(s):
Hickey, John Benjamin.

Hi there. Good catch. I

Hi there. Good catch. I sent the record on to our Catalog Administrator so she can have it corrected. We appreciate the heads up.

updating e-mail address linked with account

Hi, I followed the link posted in the comments below to update the e-mail address I have associated with my library account; it only leads to an endless loop of login screens. Where do you go to change your e-mail address? Thanks.

Hi there. Yeah, that link

Hi there. Yeah, that link seems to not do the trick, sorry. Try this:

1. Go to and login in the upper right corner
2. Click on My Account on the brown toolbar
3. Click on 'Update Your Email Address and/or Phone Number'

The trick is you have to be logged into the Classic Catalog first before you follow step number 3. We're sorry this is such a pain and hope our Catalog vendor will offer a better solution in the future.


Can I renew my card on-line?

Hi there. Sorry, as of this

Hi there. Sorry, as of this time our software vendor does not offer that as a feature. Please visit your neighborhood library with a photo id and proof of address and we'll assist you.

connect to ipad

Can we connect to library through an Apple Ipad?



Change e-mail

How can I change my e-mail address for notifications?

Thank you,

Hi there. You can update

Hi there. You can update your email address by clicking on this link: You'll have to login to My Account first. Hope this helps!

Video Game search

Hello. I find on the new catalog it is a lot harder to search for video games. For example, on the old catalog if you typed in xbox you would see all the xbox games. Now if you type that in, all types of choices come up (books, movies). Not sure what can be done but just wanted to let you know in case no one had mentioned it. Thanks!

Hi there. The best way to

Hi there. The best way to search for video games in the new Catalog is to do a search on the gaming console (ie: xbox 360) and then click 'Games' in the Shelf Location facet in the left sidebar of the results list.

Hope this helps!

Searching for audio books

I don't see audio books as a format option. How do I search for audio books?

Hi there. Try limiting by

Hi there. Try limiting by Material Type once you've done your initial search:


I can't seem to go to the

I can't seem to go to the DVD's and search movies only?

Hi there. The advanced

Hi there. The advanced search does not currently have a way to select the material type before executing a search. We hope to be able to add that when it becomes an option from the vendor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New Catalog is making me crazy.

Why can't I sort the books by something logical, like the date published, or sort them alphabetically, so that I can see easily whether you have the newest book, or the one that I want? And with an author I have read extensively through you, with about 80 items showing when I search her name, why does your system tell me there is only one book, when I try to use your advanced search tabs, to include books only? I have read dozens that I got from you! It was very difficult to find a spot to send you feedback on this issue. Leaving a public comment would not have been my first choice. No e-mail to tech support? That might be a handy addition. Any advances in the usability of your new system would be appreciated. Thank you.

Reply to Jeanne B.

Hello Jeanne,
I'm sorry for the confusion with the new catalog. The advanced search does not currently have a way to select the material type before executing a search. (We hope to be able to add that when it becomes an option from the vendor.) With both the general and advanced search, you can put in an author's name and indicate the search is for an author. When you get the results, you can sort by publication date as well as alphabetically by title. The sort button is in the upper right portion of the search results page, just above the first title in the results. You can then limit to the "Book" material type by selecting "Book" from the Material Type facet on the left side of the results page. Feel free to email me directly with other catalog questions and concerns.
PPLD IT Department

Can not cancel holds or change pick up location

I've tried several times on two different computers to "Cancel" a hold on my account, however nothing happens. Before the system update, the feature worked fine and this was not a problem. I'm running Mozilla Firefox as my browser, using an XP and a Win 7 computer.

Hi there. Could it be that

Hi there. Could it be that you are using an older version of Firefox? The Catalog works best on Firefox version 6 or later.

Unable to log in

Is there something wrong with the interface today? I am unable to log in to my account.

Hi there, We did do an

Hi there,

We did do an update last night which perhaps could have interfered with you accessing your account. It is working now, so please try again and let me know if you have any problems. Thanks!

Unable to Login

Did the PPLD site get a new update today? I cannot Log into My account, although I am managing different accounts, none of the cards that I manage can be logged in, it does not log me in even when I enter the correct info (library card #, PIN, etc.) can this be fixed, or do I have to continue knowing what is due and whether there may be fines that I have to pay BECAUSE of this problem???