Penrose Teen Space Policy

The Penrose Teen Space is a dedicated space designed and intended exclusively for patrons ages 12 – 18. The purpose of the teen space is to provide a safe, supportive, and positive space for these patrons that is uniquely their own. This space offers teens a place to socialize, hang out, attend programs, and use library resources in a welcoming and teen friendly environment.


Our Teen Materials are shelved on a wall directly outside of the Teen Space. Materials in this collection are selected based on their appeal to our Teen Population. The library strives to engage all teens (ages 12-18) with the books in this section, which may mean a book in this section is not appropriate for every patron.

Game Systems

The XBOX and Wii U in the Penrose Teen Space are available for patrons ages 12 – 18 only. In order to use the Gaming System, teens must first sign a contract that will be kept on file at Penrose Library. Game systems are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Chalkboard Wall

Our Teen Space now houses a chalkboard wall where teens are able to respond to questions posted by library staff or express themselves in appropriate ways (must follow the Pikes Peak Library District Code of Conduct). Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed from the board, feel free to report anything inappropriate to the staff at the Reference Desk.


Bullying of any kind (verbal, physical, etc.) will not be tolerated in the Penrose Teen Space.

Code of Conduct

All Patrons visiting the Penrose Teen Space are required to follow the Pikes Peak Library District Code of Conduct.
Adapted from the National Teen Space Guidelines by YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association).

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