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Searching for Items in the New Catalog

Simply type what you are looking for into the Search field and click on the "Search" button. You can type in a title, an author’s name, or words describing a subject. The catalog will bring up the closest matches to what you have typed in.


Searching with Limits

Use the Limits drop-down 1 to limit your search to a specific location.

Searching by Field

Select a field from the Fields drop-down 2 to search within a specific field (for example, Title, Author, or Subject), or search from "All Fields."


Search by series

I too would like a way to search by series, rather than having to retrieve a book in the series and then go to the “Patron Reviews, Similar Titles and Authors, Series Info” tab to see the other titles in the series.

Hi there. We feel your pain.

Hi there. We feel your pain. We're hoping that a future version of our Catalog software will provide this capability. Thanks for the message!

Incorrect series title

A few weeks ago I filled out the "Contact the Collection Development Manager" form asking to have the bibliographic record for Fay Weldon's The New Countess changed. It lists The New Countess as number 3 in the Habits of the House series. It is in fact number 3 in the author's Love & Inheritance trilogy (see

Habits of the House is number 1 in the Love & Inheritance trilogy/series.

Please forward my request to the proper department for consideration. The change has not been made and I haven't received a reply or explanation from the Collection Development Manager.

Correction to series

Thank you for your comment. Your request was received and has been given to a cataloger to make the appropriate change to the record. It will be taken care of as soon as time permits.

Correction to series - thank you ...

... I just checked and the bibliographic record for Fay Weldon's The New Countess now shows that it is "bk. 3" in the "Love and inheritance trilogy."

Tell me feature

I received an email letting me know that several new materials that may be of interest to me were available in the catalog. Unfortunately, when I searched the catalog none of the 4 items were listed. I searched by author and then by title. Not sure why I would receive an email about new materials that are not yet available.


We had a problem, after our server migration, that prevented new titles from appearing in the catalog for a couple of days. That problem has been resolved and you should be able to see the titles from your "tell me when" email now.

I don't like it either

I was trying to search for X-box games, but "X Box" is neither a title nor a subject so unless I know a specific title to look for I can't just search through the available games like I used to.

You CAN browse the Xbox games

From the catalog home page, click on "Browse by genre or format." On the next page, under "Browse by format," you can select links for Xbox, Playstation or Wii games to view all games of a particular format in the collection.

I teach my students to search

I teach my students to search for books in their fav series--hate not being able to do so anymore. I am an avid user of your library, and find this new cat to be cumbersome and difficult to use. Am also a librarian myself...

Hi there, If the catalog

Hi there,

If the catalog record has any information in the “series” field of the record, the series name will show when you go into the detailed view of the title. It is not a “clickable” link to the other titles in the series, but if you click on the “Patron Reviews, Similar Titles and Authors, Series Info” tab you will see the book jacket for the other titles in the series and can click on any of them to get to the record for that title.

You can also search by the series title from the new catalog. In the main search menu, click the drop down menu next to “All Fields” and change it to “title.” Then type in the series title and click “search.” For example, I chose “title” and typed in the name of a James Patterson series “Women’s Murder Club” and the titles in that series came up in the search results.

I hope this helps with your searching. We send suggested changes and enhancements to the catalog vendor and think the new catalog will continue to improve as they release upgrades.

Why did you restrict the search?

I can't search for DVDs any longer since you don't allow the search to be restricted by type. Neither can we search for Juvenile, Juvenile DVD or any other material type. I just don't understand why you would drop most of the search capability you used to have.

How to bring up titles by material type

If you are searching for DVDs by a particular title or about a particular subject, you can put in the title or subject as search terms and click “Search.” Then you can use the Material Type facet on the left side of the results page to limit to “Children’s DVD” or “DVD.” You will need to click the little “more” link to expand the list to show more item types than the five that already appear. After you select the material type you want, just click the “Include” button.

If you want to look at all DVDs or all Children’s DVDs, don’t enter any search terms in the search field and click on “Search.” The search will bring up everything in the catalog and then you can limit by the Material Type facet on the left to see all of the titles that have that material type.

This section of the online catalog help may be useful to you:

new catalog search

I Hate it.

Have to agree

Don't really like the new interface.
1. Even on my newer computer it is very slow to work with....the swirling pop up things for placing holds or viewing more about the books take a long time to load.

2.Search results seem to bring up a lot more than what one types in.

3. Not kid friendly. Brings up a lot of "adult" type stuff, more than the old catalog.

4.I don't like the search box giving me "suggestions" other than what I have searched before. This is also not kid friendly, as some trashy titles come up as you type in letters.


Reply to "have to agree"

Thank you for the feedback and especially for the specifics you provided. In response to your concerns:
1. The new catalog is slightly slower than the classic catalog, though I rarely notice anything take more than a few seconds to load. Fortunately, an upcoming upgrade to the new catalog should improve the response times.

2. The new catalog utilizes a fuzzy search and can bring up titles that have words similar to the search terms. This is useful when a title is misspelled or slightly off – if you type in “Manhatten” you will get search results that contain the word “Manhattan.” The titles that exactly match the search terms will appear higher up in the results list, while those that are a variation on the search terms will appear further down.

3. Because it does help with spelling, the new catalog is easier for many kids to use than the classic catalog. They have a better chance of bringing up the title, author or subject they type in to the search field. As far as more “adult” content coming up in searches, a few examples would be great. Feel free to email me at

4. The drop down box of suggested search terms is also often useful to patrons – people are used to this feature with web browsers and it provides a shortcut to often-searched words. If you would email me with the objectionable words that come up in the suggestions, I am happy to take a look. The suggestions only come up if the terms have been searched more than three times in the past week.

Hi there. We're sorry you

Hi there. We're sorry you hate it. If there is something specific we can help you with, please let us know. The decision to move to a new Catalog interface was not taken lightly and we feel that with use you will find the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages.


I also agree it is cumbersome. Very cumbersome. I was searching for new fiction from the Times list. Tried to go back and the page was outdated. I had one horrible time to even find that page with the Time new fiction...just a tiny ?-mark at the top of the page.

Come on, you may have weighed the decision for the change after a lot of deliberation but it isn't working that well. You need a button for example to take you BACK to the home page. I sure couldn't find one. I do like the heading find a Good Book but I stumbled upon it. Make it a continuing list on all pages, please. EVEN ATTEMPTING TO WRITE THIS WAS A CHORE.


Hi there. We appreciate your

Hi there. We appreciate your comments. Perhaps utilizing the 'home' icon on the top navbar of the Catalog would help? It's an icon of a house, and is on every page. I wasn't able to recreate the trouble you had searching for NYT Fiction. Perhaps if using the 'home' icon doesn't help, you could call me at 531-6333 x1129 and I will try to assist you. I'm also curious as to why you found commenting on pages to be difficult. I'd be interested in learning how to improve the experience for you. Thanks.


Thank you!

ist you. I'm also curious as to why you found commenting on pages to be difficult. I'd be interested in learning how to improve the experience for you. Thanks.