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Going on Vacation? Suspend Your Holds!

Did you know you can now suspend unavailable holds in your account? That's right, have your holds become available when you want them!

Here's how:

  • Log on to the Catalog to view your account.
  • Select holds to be suspended, click the 'Suspend Holds' button, and select the suspend start and end dates. The start date should be the current date.
  • You will continue to rise in the hold queue while the hold is suspended.
  • When you are number one in the queue, and have the hold suspended, holds below yours will be filled.
  • If you wish to activate the hold prior to the "Unsuspend" date you entered, you can cancel the hold suspension.
  • Available holds cannot be suspended.




Suspend a Hold

Why aren't these instructions listed in the "About a Library" section, or the "How Do I?" drop down box? I had to do a Google search to find instructions since 5 minutes of searching on the PPLD site itself turned up nothing.

Alternatively you could add the instructions to the actual popup window itself.

One thing that should be added (which is not currently included in the instructions) is the fact that you have to suspend a hold when you place it. The other 4-5 times I've tried to use the feature on an existing hold it didn't work at all. Each of those holds were filled within the next two weeks as if I'd never tried to suspend them at all.

Hi there. The instructions

Hi there. The instructions are under "Catalog / Account FAQs", thanks for the suggestion. We also put them in the How Do I? pull-down menu. We're also adding them to the FAQs on the Catalog itself.

You can suspend any hold, as long as it's not shown as 'available'. If you are having problems suspending holds, please call 719-389-8968 and we'll take a closer look.