Library 21c is Open!

Library 21c is Open!

Library 21c has officially opened to the public. Come visit us!

1175 Chapel Hills Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Mon. - Thu., 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Fri. - Sat., 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sun., 1 - 5 p.m.

Visit our Library 21c web page for more information.



21c is "cute"; large and airy. But where are the BOOKS !! I was told that the library would have more BOOKS than Briargate, but it sure doesn't look so.

Stop buying 3-D printers and buy more BOOKS.

Hi there. Library 21c is

Hi there. Library 21c is very busy and many items have checked out. That is a good thing. Many items will then be returned to Library 21c soon. We are monitoring the use of the collection so that we can determine if we have too much of one category or too few. This takes a little time as we settle into what may be our more “normal” use of the library. If you are having trouble finding the books you are looking for or the subject area you would like to browse, please talk with a staff member. That will help us to assess the collection and they can also help you locate items in the district.


I brought donations to the new Briargate library. Unfortunately, I was not welcomed meaning I was passed off three times before someone took me to where I was supposed to leave them. I was told by the first person that "they may not take them." & that they only had a "limited space". Isn't this supposed to be a bigger, new improved library? It certainly did not make me want to donate again. In fact, I felt like I was bothering the person I first came across. I found it rude too since I was with my toddler straining with a sack of my returns as well as carrying my donation which she was beyond asking if I needed help carrying. I'm sorry I was donating my books from Pottery Barn, which were for a section, home decor, that is under serviced at this location.

As I said, I actually had three bags of books to donate but because of the weight, could only manage one bag. I guess I am better off giving the books to GOODWILL.

As a tax payer, I should feel a lot more welcomed than I actually was in a government funded facility. Shame on you.


One of the first times I went to the new library to check out, the person working the desk was very rude. I asked her to help me. I had two children and my hands full. She was making me do the self checkout. Which was very very hard with them. However, when I went back another time, with only one child, the person that was at the desk was very helpful. So it just depends on the people. Not all are rude. Matter fact most of them have been very nice.

Excellent service to patrons

Excellent service to patrons is our main goal at the Library and we hate to hear that we fell short. I’m glad that your subsequent experience was positive. Thank you for letting us know about your experience and we will work towards improving.

A Loper's donation

Unless PPLD has changed policy donated books do not go into the collection or on the shelves. They are donated to the friends of the library to use at their book sales.
Also since it is a floating collection between all branches what book genres may be short at one branch can be ordered from another location to your local branch.
I'm sure with a new branch there will be growing pains and not the smooth service you usually receive from PPLD for a few weeks.

Book Donations

I am so sorry that you had such an experience when you were trying to donate materials. We strive to give great service at all times. Please give us another chance. Our systems at the new building are new and still under development, but that is no excuse. I know our Friends of the Library appreciate donations a lot as they stock the store which was almost bought out the first few days.

On a personal note I was shopping in the Friends' store at Library 21c and looking at the home décor books! I would have scarfed them up had yours been there.