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No More Overdue Fines on Kid, Teen Materials

Beginning Jan. 9, 2017, PPLD will no longer charge fines on overdue children and teen items. Removing overdue fines will provide greater opportunity for children and teens to use the full range of library services. Currently, 15% of children and teen cardholders are blocked from checking out items at the library due to overdue fines.

Also, overdue fines on DVDs and games will be reduced from 25 cents per day to 10 cents per day.

PPLD seeks to foster literacy and life-long learning for children and teens. The Library regularly evaluates policies to see what barriers for service exist and evaluates how to eliminate such barriers. The Library’s Board of Trustees approved the new policy at their December meeting.

Items that will not accrue overdue fines must be designated as “juvenile” or “teen” in the Library catalog. The policy will take effect for any items checked out January 9 or after. Lost item and damage fees will still apply.

Overdue notices will still be sent as reminders to return Library items. Items not returned within 21 days of the due date will be considered lost, and the full cost of the item will be charged to the patron’s account.

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We believe it is up to parents and guardians to instill values such as responsibility. We are attempting to remove obstacles that prevent access to our resources.

The decision to eliminate fees only on these materials was made because these items are the most crucial to early childhood development. In general, younger and at-risk families are less likely to be able to pay the fines and they frequently cease coming to the Library when fines accrue.

Many other libraries have done this to encourage young readers and their families. Reading habits are important to develop early and can help people succeed in school and life. The barrier of fines prevents some members of our community, especially young families, from accessing our collection.

Items that are not returned will prevent patrons from checking out more materials until the overdue items are either returned or paid for. If they are long overdue, we continue to partner with a collection agency to assist us in getting them returned or paid for.

certain amount each year????

Having lived and PAID TAXES HERE SINCE 1992 -- should not Senior Citizens get some kind of 'break' on fines, etc.... Seems we pay and pay, and pay and pay ......should not we get some relief ...... guess not ...... just teens, etc.... Go figure.....

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