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Your Library, it's worth it!

Your Library, it's worth it!

Have you ever wondered how much PPLD is financially worth to you?
Try our return on investment calculator.

We are very interested in what you think about this feature.
Please feel free to share your thoughts with us!



It does not work :(

ROI Calculator

It's amazing how much the library provides. I especially thank books on CD for making my long commute to work a little more enjoyable! We are fortunate to have this great resource available in our community.

return on investment calculator

Return on investment is a specific well defined term that compares annualized income to the capital invested and is expressed as a percentage. It is not an artificially calculated value expressed in dollars compared to the average amount of money extracted per person by taxation within the taxing district.

Your "return" assigns as value received the entire cost of a book borrowed by a patron. If that were true the library district's revenue would be the total of books lent multiplied by their cost. Obviously not true. If one wanted to do the exercise, one would use the rental value of the book, not its cost in the numerator. That would be closer to right, but still not a calculation of ROI because:

Money extracted from taxpayers is not investment capital. Investing is voluntary. Paying taxes is not. Capital investment is returned to the investor, taxes are not.

In short, your calculator is misleading, incorrect, and self-serving. It should be removed from the web site.

Response to commentary

Dear Mr. Benger:

Thank you for your commentary about this feature. After some consideration of your comments, we have decided not to remove this feature from our website.

The reasons for our decision are as follows:

1. This feature is currently being used by many libraries both throughout Colorado and throughout our country. The State of Colorado Library Research Services created this feature using the same feature from the State of Maine. All of this is explained on the webpage itself.

2. Libraries do not have many tools available to use to show the value of services provided to its patrons. This tool is the best tool that we have seen so far. We assure you that if a better, more effective tool becomes available for use, we will use it.

3. As you know, the Pikes Peak Library District is not a "for-profit" business. Thus, the whole concept of revenue and investment for non-profit entities like this library is different than your average corporation - the terms you quoted really have a different/irrelevant meaning for entities like the library.

This calculation is based on very simple math; the numerator is the estimated value of services received (including the use of checked out materials) and the denominator is the local funding per capita of the library district's service area population. Funding per capita is different for each library included in the LRS database. So, this is simply one way for libraries to show its patrons that when they use the library, they receive value in return.

4. The feature is based on a very simple premise/assumption that the patron would purchase the library material or service had it not been available at the library. The feature incorporates average estimates of value for each type of service offered. To be consistent, we used the same values used by the Library Research Services and the State of Maine. We believe this was the best way (if not the only way) to compare the value of services provided by the Pikes Peak Library District with other libraries throughout the state.

5. As for being self-serving, we respect your right to have your opinions. As you know, the term self-serving implies some type of return to the originator. From our perspective, the only return the library receives from having this feature on its website is that it is a way to show its patrons that they do receive some value when they use the library. Of course, it is not 100% precise (we do not have the staffing resources available nor the funds available to show an exact value for each specific library material or item), but it is the best tool available to show the value provided by libraries. We do not receive a commission for positive comments, or any other funding for that matter as a result of having this feature available on our website.

6. Finally, patrons are not required to use this feature. If they do not want to use it, they simply move on.

Again, thank you for your comments.

Great Site

I wish I could post this on facebook. I had no idea what a bang for a buck you get using the library.

sounds like a neat feature -

sounds like a neat feature - but took forever to load - and I just stopped it.

Sorry about that, we were

Sorry about that, we were having technical difficulties. It should work faster now.

new website

Your new website moves very slowly indeed!

Thank you for all you do!

That was a neat calculator. I knew using the library saved me a lot of money, but I didn't realize just how much. You are greatly appreciated. Keep up the GREAT work.