Falcon Book Club

The Falcon Book Club meets every fourth Tuesday at High Prairie Library at 6 p.m. New members are always welcomed and registration is not required.

Meeting Date/Time: 

4th Tuesdays, 6 p.m.

Please email Karen Wood at krwoodco@msn.com for more information and schedule.


Hi Karen. We are new to Colorado and I am very interested in joining your book club. I have been to the library and have obtained a copy of the book you are discussing this month. I was wondering if there was any information you think I ought to know. I am really excited that I get the opportunity to participate in a book club, as I really enjoyed my last one. Thanks so much, Mirk Reyff

At my Port Clinton, OH home library, we also have monthly book club meetings. All book titles for our book clubs are published on the website in advance so new, occasional, and old “clubbers” know what is coming “due” and what is upcoming. I reserve through various library systems and Overdrive when I know I’ll be traveling, as is the case this week. Might be something to add to your website info spot. Hope to visit your library today.

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