Engineer a Coaster Kit

Engineer a Coaster

Design your own roller coaster with our new Engineer A Coaster Kit! Through trial and error, kids learn how the track position will affect the disk as it rolls and travels from track-to-track and into the goal box!

This kit is ideal for developing skills in understanding speed and momentum, force and motion, angles and trajectories, and size. For ages 3 and up. This kit is available at our Educational Resource Center.


We have lost the small yellow roller for our kit and I was wondering if they can be replaced?

Hi! You might want to try contacted the company that makes the set. It's made by Lakeshore. The item is called Engineer-A-Coaster Activity Kit (Item # LL570). The link for the Lakeshore customer service page is The phone number is (800) 428-4414. Good luck!

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