Fines / Bills

If an item (other than print and a/v) you have checked out is not returned or renewed by midnight three days after its due date, you will begin to accrue fines. If your fines exceed $10, your card will be blocked and you will not be able use it.

List of Fines:

$5 per day

$1 per day (limit $20 per item)

$.25 per hour (limit $5 per item)

  • Mobility scooter
  • Game controllers
No fines:
  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • DVDs
  • Games
  • Magazines
  • Music CDs

Lost Items

If you've lost an item, follow these steps

  • Do NOT purchase a replacement book, we do not accept them in lieu of payment. Most books we receive are pre-processed for the library with covers, labels, cataloging and any other processing completed. Books provided by patrons would not have this work done and would incur additional time and expense.
  • Call the library at (719) 531-6333 to let us know the item has been lost. We will let you know the cost of the item and the bill will appear in your account.
  • You can pay online with a credit card or in person at the library.

Things to know

  • Items that are 21 days overdue are automatically billed to your account as lost materials.
  • If you find and return the item, the bill will be cancelled.

Paying Bills

You can pay bills by cash, check, or credit card.

By cash or check:

By credit card (fines exceeding $2.50 only):

  • In person at certain library locations with card readers
  • Online in the Bills portion of My Account. Click on the "Pay my bills" link and follow the instructions.


Hi there. PPLD's Circulation Manual states the following:

The Circulation Services Manager needs to be notified that a bankruptcy has been filed. Upon receiving the filing notice we suspend the patron‘s account with the collection agency, as required by law. The account will remain in suspended status until we receive paperwork verifying that the bankruptcy has been dismissed (denied) or discharged (granted). We will close the account if the bankruptcy is granted or resume collection activities if the bankruptcy is denied. However, even if the account is discharged (granted), the patron is NOT relieved of financial responsibility for items that show as LOST on their account. A discharged bankruptcy does not give the patron ownership of library materials that have not been returned.

I hope this helps. Please call 719-531-6333 x2380 for further assistance.

I've had an outstanding debt. To the library here for close to 4years. I was out of state for most of that time. How as a new resident of Colorado Springs , Can it be justified that I owe Approx. $12.00 for books fines and fees that are over 3 yrs. old and a collection agency has had the debt. Handed over to them with a small fee paid y upon receipt. Of said debt. Of who I am the major player. Should have been notified concerning and debt. Should not be equated to my absence and therefore guilty. Yes or no?

Without looking at your account, I cannot determine exactly what has happened in your case. However, if an item was not returned, we do partner with a collection agency to attempt to get the library materials returned. Part of the collection process is both email and US postal mail notification of the item being overdue and if not returned, that the collection agency will be alerted. Feel free to contact me by calling 531-6333 and I can review your account information to assist you with this.

I had checked out four books (two on crochet, two on herbal medicine) I returned all four of them to the Penrose library, in the book drop. I have Gorton an email saying the two herbal medicine books are overdue. I went to the library, a man renewed them for me saying goes maybe theyou were on the shelf and not in the system. I'm still getting emails saying they're not returned. I don't want to pay for books I really did return. Could someone have stolen them out of the book drop, or a librarian have lost them? What can I do?

Hi there. I'm told we were able to assist you via phone. We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention and apologize for the error.

This has happened twice to our family. This library system is poor at logging returned materials.

Hello, thanks for your feedback. We strive to check in all returned items, quickly and efficiently, and I apologize if it is happening to you more than the random occurrence. If you have returned items to the library and you receive an overdue notice, please don't hesitate to contact PPLD (719-531-6333), and we will rectify any issues with your account.

If i have the actual dvd but the case got lost will the item still be billed as Lost?

Please return the DVD to the library and let the staff know you don't have the case. There is a small fee for the missing case, tags and artwork (insert).

Or, we can renew the item to give you more time to locate the case, if you think that's possible.

I lost a very expensive audio book 2 years ago and paid the fine. Tonight we found it. Should I bring it back? Can I get reimbursed the $100 that I paid to replace it or is it just mine now? Thank you

Hi, I remember returning a a DVD but my library says I didn't. I looked all over the house. I checked 3 x in my car and my husband's car. They say the don't have it. I don't have it. I am frustrates because the librarians at my branch are not more helpful.

Hi there, I recently had over $10.00 of fines from PPLD and paid it off. I then went to place holds on a couple other books and was told I'm not allowed. How long does it take after paying fines for the account to be reactivated?


Please call us so we can assist you with this. There could be several things to cause this. My guess is that your card privileges have lapsed and we need to confirm some information to reactivate the account. (719) 531-6333 x2380

We had lost a charger for a Playaway. I paid the fine but now we have found the charger. Can I be reimbursed for the fine I paid?

Yes, if you paid for the charger within the past year, we'll provide a refund. Please take the charger to your local library location.

Hi There,
May I know how much would it cost per day for late return of the State park pass backpack?

Thank you

The late fee for the State park pass backpack is $5 per day, so the fine is $20 if it is returned 4 days past the due date.


I would like to know how much a day you accrue of fines for an overdue book. I will be leaving over christmas and might not come back on time to return the book 6 days after it is due.

Thank you.

Hi there. We don't have overdue fines for books so you should be fine, as long as you get it in before three weeks overdue.

I was arrested in 2006 while attempting to return the book I have fines

Hi, can you help with a problem I have? I picked up a hold, but forgot to check it out! Please Help.

I received an email back in April of 2020 that a book that I had checked out, 'The Count of Monte Cristo" was overdue. I thought I returned the book but I didn't follow up with the library. I found the book behind some other books on my bookshelf in February of 2021. I noticed there was a fine on my account for said book. I thought books in print didn't accrue fines or is the fee for the item being considered 'Lost' by the library? If I return the book, will there be a fine to pay?

Hello, thank you for your question!
You are correct, checked out materials do not accrue fines for being returned later than the due date. There is a fine for items that are never returned, and an account is charged fine when an item is considered lost.
If you return the item that is listed as 'Lost' on your account, the fine will automatically be removed from your account.

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