Knights of Columbus Hall

The Knights of Columbus (KCH) Hall rehabilitation is the next capital improvement project to offer much needed new public meeting space for our patrons. PPLD has owned the 87-year-old building since 1991. The District intends to rehabilitate it and to utilize major portions for public purposes – a renaissance, of sorts, returning the building to one of its originally intended functions. The project fits right into the proposed City for Champions projects intended to enrich downtown and additional community developments.

The building has been maintained with limited improvements during the 24 years of PPLD’s ownership; however, the facility has some structural issues and a thorough Facility Condition Assessment will provide a list of initial building repairs. PPLD will raise funds to assist with these costs and the future cost of design, construction, and furniture, fixtures, and equipment. The cost of the project is estimated at approximately $2 to $5 million.

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