"Hopes and Dreams" by Maggie Bowman

New year has come at last.

Last year has come and gone so fast.

No one knows what the future holds,

It may be hot or it may be cold.

But hopefully this year will bring what I am hoping,

And not seeing me just coping.

When spring comes the fun begins.

In these sports I’ll have some wins:

Swim team, dance, and running track.

Fun is the thing I will not lack.

When it’s summertime, I’ll have fun in the sun.

I’ll also bike, dance, and run. But wait I’m not quite done!

I’ll have beautiful flowers in my hair and see greens and roses everywhere.

And that is how I’ll know summer is in the air.

When fall comes I’ll watch the leaves sink from a distant tree.

Then I’ll pick the sour and sweet apples that have been growing for me.

Eventually it will be Halloween and I’ll get the perfect pumpkin, the best of them all.

When Thanksgiving is finally over, I will always remember this lovely fall.

Winter only comes once a year so I’ll welcome it with cheer.

When the now comes there will be nothing to fear.

I’ll sled and play not lay in bed and soon I’ll get presents on Christmas day.

I’ll always have something to do as long as winter is here to stay.

I hope this year has it all,

Everything summer and winter, spring and fall.

Even though this plan may be extreme.

I still hope that I receive my wishes, hopes, and dreams.