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Inclement Weather Policy

PPLD Closures Due to Inclement Weather: What you need to know!

Pikes Peak Library District's service to the public is paramount, and our Library facilities will remain open for normal hours if at all possible. On occasion, however, weather conditions or other situations may require closing some or all of our Libraries. We are committed to the safety of our staff and the public and maintain open communications throughout the library system when weather concerns arise. Because we have facilities throughout El Paso County, there are a number of factors that inform our decision process:

  1. Municipal Closures: As a general rule, we will close our buildings when municipal services close in all or part of the region. For example, if the City of Fountain closes we will, on most occasions, close the Fountain Library. When inclement weather is pervasive and El Paso County offices close, PPLD will most likely close all of its facilities as well.
  2. Time of Day: When inclement weather conditions arise over night, PPLD seeks to make an informed decision about closing or delaying opening as early as possible. On occasions where weather conditions occur late in the day, PPLD may decide to close facilities early to accommodate safe travel of patrons and staff after dark.
  3. Accessibility of Facilities: Our outlying facilities may be more frequently affected by inclement weather than our urban libraries. When hazardous conditions develop near our more rural locations, PPLD may choose to close these facilities even if conditions are not consistent throughout the county. This allows patrons to make use of other facilities as they are able or require.


When PPLD chooses to delay opening or to close a facility, it makes this information available to the public in a number of ways. A message will appear on, alerting the public of library closures. In addition, individuals calling the Library's main phone line, (719) 531-6333, will hear a message indicating closures and delays.

Finally, PPLD uses a service to notify local media of closures and delays, and the information is then publicized through the broadcast and web services of all local media outlets. These messages are monitored by the Library and updated as necessary to ensure the most accurate and current information is available to you.

If you have questions about PPLD's policies related to inclement weather, please contact the Community Engagement Office at (719) 531-6333, x1200 or by email at