International Games Month

An illustration with video game controllers, board game spinners, a checkerboard, and other game items. Text reads "International Games Month"

Celebrate International Games Month with Pikes Peak Library District! This is a worldwide celebration where libraries promote connecting communities through games! Check out the resources below for how PPLD will celebrate this year, and make sure to check out our circulating board game collections for your next game night!

Take and Make for Teens – International Games Month

Patrons can take and make their own 20-sided die. Available at Libraries beginning Nov. 4, while supplies last.

Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

Celebrate International Games Month with a Jigsaw Puzzle Competition! Register your group of 4 people to compete against other groups and the clock to get your puzzle done the quickest. Open to ages 12+ and groups should have at least 2 members over age 18.


  • For checkout
    • Board Games are available for check out at several libraries throughout the district! It is a great way to try out a game or have new games to try at your game nights with family and friends.
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