Music & Movement

ImportantAll programs are temporarily cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19. Here’s what you can expect and how you can use the Library remotely.

Shake those wiggles out and have some fun! Join us for this special storytime involving music and movement, aimed at ages 2 and 3-years-old. Some locations require tokens to "reserve" a space, others are on a first-come, first-served basis. If your child might benefit from sensory accommodations such as fidgets or noise-reducing headphones, please request a Sensory Accommodations kit from the desk.


Hello, the description says aimed for ages 2 and 3, however, i have a 15 month old who I think would really wnjoy this. Is it something i could bring her to also? Or is it only for 2s and 3s?

The Music and Movement programs are designed for ages 2 and 3. One of the reasons for the age designation is because younger toddlers sometimes are knocked over or intimidated by all of the dancing and movement. We also have a limit to the size of the crowd for this program, so check the location that you are most interested in to see what would be possible for your child. Thank you for inquiring!

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