Local Music Project: FAQ

What is the Local Music Project (LMP)?

The Local Music Project, aka LMP, features music, reviews, and information about musicians and music ensembles whose original work has a definitive local connection, being composed, performed, and/or produced or recorded in the Pikes Peak Region. Visitors to this online library can gain access to performance calendars, venues, community music partners, as well as to artist’s websites and music or social media sites.

Why are we doing this?

The Pikes Peak Region has a vibrant and diverse music scene which contributes and enhances the unique cultural identity of the area. PPLD has always been about our community, and we want to reinforce that. LMP is Pikes Peak Library District’s online local music library and aims to connect our community’s talented musicians with listeners, by providing a platform from which artists may be discovered and their music heard by either streaming or by download. We want to offer unique content that is not available in big box stores and support the local music scene.

Who supports this project?

The Pikes Peak Library District is committed to bringing a music database of local musicians and their original music to our patrons.

How much music will be on LMP?

Time and resources will determine the answer to this question. As much as we possibly can, of course!