Solicitation Policy

Pikes Peak Library District has authority to make reasonable rules that are universally applicable and content-neutral regarding the allowed uses of our buildings and property. Public library buildings and grounds are defined as limited public forums. The public sidewalks around our libraries are traditional public forums subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on those wishing to use them for purposes protected by the First Amendment.

As such, PPLD allows:

  1. The circulation of petitions and electioneering outside of library facilities.
  2. Activities of 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) organizations, including sales and distribution of information, with the prior approval of the District.
  3. Media and public awareness events with the prior approval of the District.

The following guidelines apply to all such activities:

  1. Persons may stand on Library property as long as they do not block entrances and exits, or interfere with patrons seeking to use the Library.
  2. No activities may take place inside library facilities.
  3. No unauthorized solicitation of funds or sales of goods and services are allowed.
  4. A letter of authorization from the Communications Office has been secured for all activities, with the exception of petitioning. A copy of each letter will be provided to PPLD Security and the appropriate public service manager.

Questions and solicitor inquiries should be directed to the Communications Office.