Teen Spaces Policy

Board Policy

Pikes Peak Library District is committed to providing inviting and safe spaces for teen patrons to engage in individual and group activities. Separate spaces and services specifically designed for teen patrons best meets the needs of this diverse age group with unique needs and expectations.

Pikes Peak Library District strives to keep teens engaged with and interested in the Library in order to encourage continued library use as they transition into adulthood. Pikes Peak Library District provides access to current information and resources, both in-library and virtually; current technology; and literature for educational and recreational purposes.

Pikes Peak Library District’s teen spaces are dedicated spaces designed and intended exclusively for patrons between 12 and 18 years old. Teens can socialize, hang out, attend programs and use library resources in a welcoming and teen friendly environment.

I. District Procedures

  1. Teen spaces are intended exclusively for teen patrons between 12 and 18 years old.* Adults and children are welcome to browse and check out materials from the teen collection. The use of other resources, such as, games, computers, televisions and other electronic equipment within the spaces, are exclusively for the use of teen patrons. Once materials are selected, patrons younger than 12 and older than 18 should use the main areas of the libraries.
  2. Parents or caregivers may be in teen spaces with their teens if they are actively assisting with material selection, homework or other one-on-one help.
  3. Materials in the teen collection are selected for teenage patrons. The collection should meet the needs of this entire age group; however, materials provided for an 18 year old may not be appropriate for a 12 year old. Parents and caregivers are responsible in determining the suitability of materials for their teen(s).
  4. East Library and Library 21c offer study rooms in the teen spaces. The study rooms are available for teen patrons only. Study rooms can be reserved in advance. Adults actively engaged in helping teens with homework or tutoring may use the study rooms.
  5. Bullying of any kind (verbal, physical, etc.) will not be tolerated in Pikes Peak Library District teen spaces.
  6. Teenage patrons are expected to follow the Pikes Peak Library District Code of Conduct. Teens may not engage in activities or communications that disrupt other Library users or staff. Pikes Peak Library District reserves the right to limit the use of the library by teens who, in the judgment of library staff, are infringing upon the rights of other library users by inappropriate behavior.

*Some branch locations open teen spaces to adults when schools are in session.

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