Teen Winter Programs at Pikes Peak Library District

Looking for something fun to do in Colorado Springs and the greater Pikes Peak region?

Or maybe you want to learn a new skill?

There are all kinds of teen events happening this winter! Teen Activities typically happen after school or on the weekend, but check the links to see our calendar for all the dates and times.

Check out our Winter Programs for teens at Pikes Peak Library District!

How to Podcast with Studio809Podcasts

Ever feel like everybody's got a podcast but you? Have something on your mind you want to share with the world? Come join Dave Gardner with Studio809Podcasts to learn the magic behind the making of a podcast.

ASL Basics with CSDB

Learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture with instructors from the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB)! Interested participants will be entered into a drawing for a scholarship to attend a semester of ASL class at CSDB.

Mosaic Painting

Join us to create a painting inspired by Black American Artist Alma Thomas!

Homeschool Science: Solar Bug

Create a vibrating cockroach powered by solar energy!

Anime Mafia

Play a version of Mafia inspired by our favorite Anime! Try to figure out who is the villain that is causing havoc without letting too many townspeople die. Think Among Us meets Anime!

Life Size Game: Clue

Can you catch the murderer? In this live version of the classic board game “Clue”, participants will do their best to solve the mystery before their peers and win the game!

Light-Up Cosplay Bracelet Cuffs

Make an item to add to your cosplay or fan costume collection in this program where we make headwear or bracelet cuffs with wearable LED circuits using conductive thread!

Manga/Comics Gift Bags

Have a gift for the comic lover in your life? Have a desire to cut up old library materials to repurpose them? Make a personalized gift bag out of discarded library comic book and manga pages!

A Totally Awesome Murder Mystery

Join us for an 80s inspired murder mystery! Dress up in your best 80s style attire (or not) but come ready to play a part and solve the mystery of a murder most foul.

Coding Series: Sports

Beginners can learn to code with Google in Scratch! Using an evaluated curriculum from the computer scientists at Google, youth will learn basic computational thinking concepts through block coding. In this sports-themed series, youth will use computer science to simulate extreme sports, make their own commercials, and create commentary for a sporting event.

Tie Dye Cookie Decorating

Boost your cookie decorating skills by using royal icing to create rainbow tie dye cookie creations!

Decorate Your Own Reusable Bag

Use stencils, stickers, and paint to customize a reusable bag!

Escape Room: Caesar's Ciphers

Julius Caesar has been murdered! The fallen dictator and Emperor of Rome has left clues and ciphers behind to help protect his legacy. Can you solve the clues to let the world know about the nefarious secrets of the Roman empire?