Honoring Judy Noyes: Help Us Build the Judy Noyes Children's Garden

Please help up create a lasting legacy honoring one our communities most beloved leaders: Judy Noyes.

When Dick and Judy Noyes opened the Chinook Bookstore in 1950 in downtown Colorado Springs, they began writing a story of passion for reading, community service, leadership and a deep commitment to First Amendment rights. Since Judy’s passing earlier this year, friends, family members and colleagues have established several funds in honor of her various community passions.

Because Judy served as a PPLD Foundation Director and supported the library in numerous other ways over the years, PPLD would like to celebrate her memory with the creation of a new children’s garden in front of Penrose Library. Because Judy believed absolutely in everyone’s right to read, and in the power of literacy---especially for our children, and because she also had a passion for maintaining the downtown area as a vibrant space within our community, we believe a children’s garden in the midst of downtown would provide an excellent way for the community to remember her. Dick Noyes joins us in thanking you so much for considering a donation to make the Judy Noyes Children’s Garden a reality.

If you have questions about a gift, please call the Pikes Peak Library District Foundation at (719) 884-9850.


I hope the Library does NOT do anything involving children unless the growing infestation of vagrants is dealt with.
The Library is losing MANY patrons. Andrew Carnegie did NOT intend to set up a “homeless day Center”...

General comments on homelessness:
Homelessness is a community-wide issue in Colorado Springs, and Pikes Peak Library District wants to be part of the solution. We are actively working with community partners and representatives of the homeless community alike to ensure we are taking meaningful steps to best serve all of our patrons across El Paso County. Our library facilities and resources remain open to all patrons, regardless of housing status.

Comments on the after-hours rule:
The new after-hours rule, which does not allow camping on Pikes Peak Library District campuses, is based upon the feedback and recommendations from our community partners who are experts in serving the homeless community in Colorado Springs. We continue to have conversations with those partners in an attempt to be a part of a community-wide solution to homelessness. Our doors will still be open to everyone during regular hours. We welcome the opportunity to continue serving patrons from all walks of life, regardless of their housing status.

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