Teens Volunteer with Review Crew

Think staying home means you can’t volunteer for the library? Well it doesn’t! You can volunteer from wherever life takes you as a member of Pikes Peak Library District’s Review Crew.

All you need to do to start earning volunteer hours is apply at ppld.org/teens/volunteer (be sure to select Review Crew at the top of the application), and start reading! Once we’ve confirmed that we received your application and you’re ready to submit a review, just go to the form we provide and tell us your thoughts!

Here’s a list of things to considering when leaving a book review:

  • Be sure your review is at least 5 sentences long. Anything shorter won’t qualify for volunteer hours.
  • Go in depth about what you did or didn’t like about the book. Consider questions like “why did you choose this book?” “did the book surprise you, or was it predictable?” “could you relate to any of the characters in the book?”
  • Include your grade in school at the end of your book review.

Each qualifying book review you submit will earn you one volunteer hour for a maximum of five hours per month. Have fun, and happy reading!


I was given Ready Player One for my birthday. I would suggest this book to readers interested in science fiction and immersive video games. The author writes with surprising detail, going through Wade's thought process and adding twist and turns at each chapter. The author makes semi-relatable characters, fighting to win the ultimate prize. The entire book speaks of the time, heart, and soul the author spent writing a fabulous book.
Sam, 8th grade

I received Ready Player Two as a gift. I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoyed the first book. Although this book is not as good as the first one, I enjoyed it immensely. Wade hunts down shards for a new Easter egg in the oasis. Wade's compelling character meets new people and gains a completely new quest. Ernest leads you on a journey you don't want o end.

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