Come MAKE at PPLD! C3 has two makerspaces open to the public on the second floor of Library 21c. From 3D printers to sewing machines, we provide tools and resources for tinkering, small business prototyping, crafting, learning, and expressing your creativity and ingenuity.

We also offer fun crafting and STEM programs and classes, including our Maker in Residence program. Sign up for our C3 Makerspace Monthly Newsletter to stay up to date!

Make II Laser Cutter

  • You can now reserve time on the Laser Cutter in Make II.
  • You must have a makerspace waiver on file and be previously badged on the machine to use it.
  • Reservations can be made once per week, one week in advance, for up to one hour.

About the Makerspaces

Each of our two makerspaces works a little differently, but you’ll need a few basic things to access both:


Make is your first stop for creative projects that do not require heavy duty tools or a staff member present. Here we offer tools like sewing machines, a vinyl cutter, and papercraft supplies.

  • Make is open during regular library hours, as long as the room is not in use for programs or other reservations. Check the calendar or call (719) 884-9800 x6364 to see if the room is available.
  • Drop-ins are welcome, but to ensure a machine is available, call (719) 884-9800 x6364 to make a 2-hour reservation.
  • Make can be reserved for group making and crafting activities.

Make II

Make II is where we offer hand tools, power tools, and machines for more advanced projects like 3D printing and scanning, laser engraving, and CNC milling. For safety purposes, staff is in the room while machines are in use.

Make II can only be used during Open Hours or by appointment.

Call (719) 884-9800 x6364 to make an appointment.

Make II Open Hours

  • Tuesdays: 1 - 8 p.m.
  • Wednesdays: noon - 6 p.m.
  • Thursdays: 2 - 8 p.m.
  • Fridays: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Saturdays: noon - 5 p.m.

During Open Hours, you can use the machinery in Make II with limited staff guidance. Access to the various machines is on a first-come first-served basis.

Prior to the using machines, you need to be badged to

  • Run a 3D print on our Makerbot, Lulzbot, or Afinia printers
  • Scan an object on our NextEngine 3D Scanner
  • Engrave or Laser-cut approved materials on the Epilog Helix
  • Mill wood on the Shopbot CNC Router

Projects need to be completed during the time frame of open hours. Patrons must supervise their projects to completion. We cannot offer storage of projects.

Appointments: Badging and Machinery

To request a Badging or Machinery appointment, contact us, call (719) 884-9800 x6364, or stop by Library 21c.

A staff member will train you on one of the Make II machines and badge you to work on that machine during open hours.

You must be at least 16 years old to be badged on the CNC. Ages 9 - 15 can accompany an adult.

A staff member will spend up to 2 hours helping you complete an individual project, running a machine for you, or offering design advice.

Patrons can have up to 3 Machinery Appointments each quarter (Badging appointments don’t count towards this limit).

There may be some delay between the time you submit an appointment request and the time we can contact you to set up a date and time. We work as quickly as possible to fill requests.

Drop-Off 3D Printing

Bring an STL file to the Make desk to have us 3D Print an item for you. We’ll run it when the printers are free, and email you when it’s done!

  • Print time will be estimated when you drop it off, and every print job (up to 7 hours) will count as one of your 3 quarterly Machinery Appointments.
  • Prints larger than 7 hours, or multiple file submissions may count as 2 or 3 Machinery Appointments.
  • File submissions must be done in person.
  • We can only assist with 3D modeling, file conversion, or editing during a scheduled Machinery Appointment.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse assisting with a project if the file is deemed to be a weapon, pornographic material, or a potential violation of copyright, patent, or trademark law.

Editing PCs, Laptops, and Media Converters

Outside the makerspaces, we also offer access to Windows PC’s and Macs with professional video/audio/photo editing and CAD software, as well as media converters

  • VHS --> DVD
  • Recorder or Cassette --> CD
  • Slide, Photo Negative --> SD card

Call (719) 884-9800 x6364 to reserve your session. Check our software list for more details.

We also offer 3 hour check-outs for laptops, which you can use anywhere in Library 21c. Click here to learn more.


Hi, I was wondering if I need to do anything, like take a class, to be able to use any equipment (cameras, tripods, computers, etc.) and if the editing softwares are available on the laptop? thank you!


In order to utilize the equipment either in the studio or for checkout you'll need to take the C³ Studio Orientation Class. There is also a required camera course that certifies you to use the cameras. As far as editing goes, you don't need a special class. You can stop at the C³ desk outside of the makerspaces, and they'll get you going on one of the editing stations. Currently, we don't have the software available on any laptops.

Hello, I was curious if there are flatbed scanners in the makerspace, and if so, how large are they? Thanks.

Hello Andy,

We do not have flatbed scanners in the Makerspace but we do have a flatbed scanner for public use at East, Library 21c, and Penrose. The scanning area is 17" x 11" for these machines, they are free to use! Thanks for thinking of PPLD, let us know if we can do anything else to help.

I am working with enable organization that uses a 3 D printer to make a plastic hand attachment. I'm wondering if someone can help me do this at the library ? Thanks for any help!

My son was born with Poland syndrome and I saw information about enable, a group that makes prosthetic hands. My son is 6 and has a smaller right hand. If anyone can help please let me know. Thanks


We do have soldering irons, as well as solder, available in the Makerspace at Library 21C. It is generally available whenever the library is open, as long as there is no class or program going on in the Makerspace. You will need to have a makerspace user agreement on file, which you can pick up at any time at the desk. If you have any questions or would like to reserve at time to use the equipment, please call us at 719-884-9899 x6364. Thank you.


Approved materials include wood, some plastics, glass, leather, fabric, cork, ceramic, stone, paper, rubber, acrylics, paper, and fabric. The only material we cannot use is vinyl (which includes sheets of vinyl, PVC, as well as some plastics) as it releases toxic fumes. Additionally, metals generally do not work as the laser isn't strong enough to engrave them; the exception is anodized metals. Some materials, such as glass and ceramic, can be engraved but cannot be cut.

If you would like to discus a specific material or your project, please give the Makerspace a call at 719-884-9800 x6364.

I was wondering if your media converters are able to convert home video tapes into DVD's. If so, is there some kind of charge or limit to how many videos a library card holder can convert?

Hello, at Library 21c we have several types of conversion machines. The VHS to DVD video converter would be able to convert your home VHS tapes to DVD. You will need to bring in your own DVD-R for transferring to. The transfer process is in "real-time," meaning if the VHS is 2 hours long, it will take 2 hours to transfer to a DVD. If you would like to reserve time to use the Video Converter, please call the Make Desk 719-884-9800 x6364

What are the size restraints for the CNC machine and the Laser cutters? I'm working on a few projects and want to make sure I don't go over the limits.


The bed size for both the CNC and the laser cutter is 24"x18". The maximum thickness for the CNC is 3.5", however certain bits may have more restrictive size limits. As for the laser cutter, the maximum thickness for an object to fit into the machine is 8.5". However if you are planning on cutting through the material, as opposed to doing a surface engraving, the maximum thickness will be significantly thinner. It will depend on the exact material, but for most things it is between 1/4" and 1/2".

You can find more information at and if you would like to discuss your projects in more detail, please call us at 719-884-9800 x6364.

Thank you for your question. We do not currently support printing onto any materials other than the build plates on our machines. This is just to prevent potential damage to the machines.

Hi I've been getting custom 3d printed medallions done recently and they don't seem to be working out. Would yall be able to mill my medallions design into a graphite slab?

Hello, the only materials we can mill are woods and plastics. If you use one of those materials we could probably mill your design for you.

Just a "heads up" the form for reserving time mistakenly (I believe) prevents me from reserving time next week because I have reserved time this week. I think the correct behavior should be a single 1-hr reservation in a single given week. Seems likely it is just a programming glitch...

Hi there. If you are talking about the laser cutter, reservations can be made once per week, one week in advance, for up to one hour. Maybe your second reservation wasn't a week away? If this isn't the case, let us know and we'll investigate further.

What is the limit to the size an object can be 3D printed? I have an item I am designing that is currently approx 10 inches long. Future customization may be larger and smaller.

Here is a link to the information on the 3D printers we have (bed size included). However, just because the bed is technically big enough doesn't mean it will work. Size is also limited by our time limits. For printing during open hours the print has to be done before the end of open hours. For a drop-off we have a max time limit of 10 hours per quarter, that can be one large print or multiple smaller ones. We'll try any print once or twice if you do a drop-off but can't guarantee every print will work.

Do you still offer video/TV equipment for “professional” filming? Are there people to help with scripting a Public Service Announcement about recycling? Thanks!

Studio 21c does offer equipment for checkout, however you must first attend our orientation class which can be found online at under the Class Calendar link. Once you've taken the class you'll also be able to schedule time with our staff and we'll see how we can help with your script.

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