1. Sninchak, Bev

    An honor graduate of Widefield High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bev Sninchak first moved to the Pikes Peak region in 1979 when her stepfather was stationed at Ft. Carson. She majored in Applied Communication and minored in Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Previously, she attended Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, where she majored in Mass Communications and Psychology.

    Bev has been a professional freelance writer, author, and copy editor...

    Published Works:
  2. Sopp, Minister Raymond D.

    I have been a born-again Christian for more than thirty years. I am not affiliated with any organization, nor a denomination. I, like Paul in Philippians 3:7-8, "Counted all things lost in order that I may gain Christ." The past thirty plus years were used to know God and NOT for the study of religion. I truly counted all things as rubbish to gain the knowledge of Christ. My passion was single in focus; I wanted to know Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior, and the God (Father) who sent Him....

  3. Sgt. Ron Stallworth, Ret., was a member of the Colorado Springs Police Department in the 1970s.

  4. A resident of Colorado and a storyteller since 1970, John has told stories professionally since 1979. During that time he has performed for more than one million listeners (thankfully, not all at once) in a great variety of settings. John's programs of stories and a cappella ballads feature: Western History and Environment; Literature Aloud!; and, World Folklore, especially American lore. He reenacts the lives of national park pioneers Enos Mills and John Otto, as well as Charles Fox...

    Published Works:
  5. Stella, Tom

    Native of Detroit, MI - former Roman Catholic priest - resident of Colorado Springs for 21 years

  6. Stetler, Tena

    Tena Stetler is a paranormal romance and cozy mystery author with an over-active imagination. The second book in her Demon’s Witch series, A Warlock’s Secrets, comes out spring of 2017. Her recent novels are A Demon’s Witch, Charm Me, A Witch’s Journey, and sequel A Witch’s Holiday Wedding. She wrote her first vampire romance at the age of twelve, to the chagrin of her mother and the delight of her friends.

    Colorado is home; shared with...

    Published Works:
  7. Steven Bivens

    At the age of 12 my family and I visited my brother while he was stationed at Ft. Carson. It was the first time that I ever saw mountains and in my young mind I told myself that one day I would live by these mountains. It is now over 45 years later and I am. But I encountered lifetime of experiences before fulfilling my childhood dream.

    I am from the Midwest, a flatlander. I have been a probation officer, an explosive detection trainer, a trainer
    for an inmate telephone...

    Published Works:
    • Mindanao: A Journey Through Life (Lulu Press, 2013)
    • Back to Mindanao (forthcoming)
    • Camiguin Gold: Island Riches Discovered (Lulu Press, 2013)
    • Out West: US 36 Travels (forthcoming)
    • Performance, Sport Cards and Racial Bias: A Cooperstown Perspective (University of Louisville)
    • Race, Centrality and Educational Attainment: A NFL Perspective (University of South Alabama)
    • Paper Bullets (article, "The Numismatist" magazine)
    • One of Your Pretty, Little, Ingenious Men (article, "The Numismatist" magazine)
    • Thank You, Mr. Ellery (article, "The Numismatist" magazine)
    • Rusty Journals (article, "Classic Toy Trains" magazine)
    • Population: People vs. Copper ("Early American Coppers")
    • An Old Cent Twist ("Early American Coppers")
  8. Stith, John

    Stith was born in Boulder and has lived in the Pikes Peak region for 40+ years. He's been a writer since 1980.

    His works include REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS (Nebula Award nominee), MANHATTAN TRANSFER (Nebula Award nominee), REUNION ON NEVEREND, and RECKONING INFINITY (on Science Fiction Chronicle's Best Science Fiction Novels list for its publication year, on the Nebula Award preliminary ballot).

  9. Stockton, Tiffany Amber

    Tiffany Amber Stockton has been crafting and embellishing stories since childhood. Today, she is an award-winning author, speaker, and brand
    partner with Nerium International, who lives with her husband and fellow author, Stuart Vaughn Stockton, in Colorado. They have one girl and one boy, and an Aussie/retriever mix named Roxie. Originally from the East Coast, she now makes Colorado Springs her home. She has sold fourteen books so far and is represented by Sandra Bishop of MacGregor...

  10. Strasser, Bethanne

    Beth Rhodes is a wife, mother of six, and writer of romance. She's the queen who runs her military household with punctuality, laughter, and the occasional swear word. When she's not downing coffee, writing, and editing, you can find her reading and enjoying the Colorado sunshine.

  11. Strauss, Robert

    Robert Strauss is owner of Global Perspectives Consulting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. GPC clients excel in complex global marketplaces through the acquisition of cultural competence. He is Lead Faculty of Program Development and Evaluation and Research Methods in the College of Business and Economics at Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

    Also, he is President of Worldview Resource Group, a not-for-profit organization that equips cross-cultural workers in a story-based worldview...

    Published Works:
    • Four Overarching Patterns of Culture: A Look at Common (Wipf and Stock, 2019)
    • Introducing Story-Strategic Methods: Twelve Steps toward Effective Management (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2017)
  12. Summitt, Rod

    I taught junior high school, managed McConnell's Hardware and Mesa TV Hardware. I was the Merchandise Manager and Assistant Store Manager of the Crissey Fowler Home Center. After retiring, I started writing fiction.

  13. Sutherland, Irene

    Irene Sutherland and her husband Scott live in Monument, Colorado. Irene is a native of New Hampshire, moved to Florida as a teen, married her high school sweetheart and has lived in Colorado ever since, minus two years when Scott was stationed at Loring Air Force Base in northern Maine. Irene and her husband have four grown, married children and fifteen grandchildren.

    Martin J. Delohery was a resident of Monument for many years. His dying wish was to have a memoir written about...

    Published Works:
    • Martin's Memoirs by Martin Delohery (as told to Irene Sutherland)(CreateSpace, 2015)
  14. Mr. Temkin worked in the design of satellites, rockets, missiles, and aircraft from 1962 to 2007. After retirement, he was a Fellow at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry for over three years where he wrote and lectured upon the history of technology.

  15. Thomas, L. Marie

    Lisa Marie Thomas grew up as the child of an undercover narcotics agent and a secretary at the DA's office. Listening to stories about lives far different than her own, she developed a love of storytelling and suspense that grew into her first novel, Good Heart. She loves God, loves her husband and children, and loves to write as a native of the beautiful state of Colorado. She is also an advocate for foster care and mentoring, connecting to the world around her at...

  16. Thomas, Roger

    Roger moved out to Colorado Springs from the Washington, DC, area, in 1994, and has been here ever since. The whole family grew up here and still live in the area. After a 30-year career in information technology, Roger decided to follow another passion- writing. After writing user manuals, training materials, and other writing assignments as a part of his regular IT duties, he launched his own career as a writer. He has six books published- two on bowling and four historical mysteries set...

  17. Thompson, Faye

    Faye was a crafter during the 1990s. She sculpted with chicken wire and won the President's Award for a large free-standing sculpted horse at the Tempe, Arizona Craft Show in 1993.

    She also writes poetry and philosophical sayings. Her favorite poem is If, by Rudyard Kipling.

    Faye settled in Colorado Springs in 1997 and has been a resident ever since.

    Published Works:
    • Sebastian: The Cat That Never Shaved (2014)
    • Ruffles, Ruffles, Where Are You? (book 2 - Coming soon!)
    • Go Larry Go (book 3 - Coming soon!)
  18. Torreano, Mike

    Mike Torreano has lived in Colorado Springs since 1977. A retired Colonel, USAF,
    he is also a retired financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual of 35 years.

    Published Works:
  19. Travis, Lisa

    Lisa Travis dreamed of faraway places ever since she was a little girl who explored National Geographic magazines every month. Looking for ways to discover the world, Lisa studied at the University of Freiburg in Germany, traveled the USA in a Volkswagon camper, and lived and worked in South Korea. She currently finds ways to pack and go by creating global executive leadership programs that take her to cool places like Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Brussels, Copenhagen, and Prague....

    Published Works:
  20. Trent, Doyle

    In Memory of Doyle Trent (Obituary for Doyle Trent)

    Western author Doyle Trent succumbed to congestive heart failure on Sunday, May 11, 2014, in Colorado Springs.

    He put up a might struggle. Beaten down by disease, he rose again and again until his heart would not take him any further down the road. He had been knocked down many times before in life, but like the cowboy he was in his youth, he always managed to get up and forge ahead. Despite tremendous obstacles, he...

    Published Works:
    • Flirting with the Undertaker (CreateSpace, 2014)
    • Mountain Marquaders (Zebra, 1995)
    • Outlaw Justice (Zebra, 1995)
    • Feartown (Zebra, 1994)
    • Gunpowder Legacy (Zebra, 1994)
    • Devil's Disciple (Zebra, 1993)
    • Fire and Gunsmoke (Zebra, 1993)
    • Gambler's Guns (Zebra, 1993)
    • Rawhide Ransom (Zebra, 1992)
    • Texas Trackers (Zebra, 1992)
    • Night Rider (Zebra, 1992)
    • Dead Man's Badge (Zebra, 1991)
    • Apache Creek Ambush (Zebra, 1991)
    • Shotgun Canyon (Zebra, 1990)
    • Dodge City Trail (Zebra, 1990)
    • The Rawhider (Zebra, 1989)
    • Colorado Desperadoes (Zebra, 1989)
    • Gunsmoke Justice (Zebra, 1989)
    • Cheyenne Brother (Zebra, 1988)
    • Winchester Law (Zebra, 1988)
    • Rustler's Trail (Zebra, 1988)
    • Shadow of the Gallows (Zebra, 1987)
    • Treachery Town (Zebra, 1987)
    • Tombstone Lode (Zebra, 1986)
    • San Lorrah Shootout (Zebra, 1986)
    • Squaw Mountain Massacre (Zebra, 1985)
    • Gambler's Gold (Walker, 1983)
    • Claim Jumper (Leisure Books, 1981)
  21. With a background in education, Roxanne Troup writes children's books that tie into school curriculum and are fun to read! She lives in Colorado Springs with her family.

    Published Works:
  22. Tucker, John W.

    My parents moved to Colorado four months after I was born, from Lincoln, NE. I graduated from Abraham Lincoln H.S. in Denver and attended one year of college at Metro State College. I moved back to Colorado in 1984, from pastoring in S.D. I have worked several jobs while in the Springs: custodian for School District 11 for 13 years; as a court clerk for the Court House for one year; as an Assistant Floating Manager for Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs for three and a half years; and...

    Published Works:
  23. Turner, Gloria

    My family moved to Colorado Springs in 1961, so I have lived here most of my life. When married, I lived in Germany, Sterling, and Denver for 13 years before moving back to the Springs. My two children are now adults, my daughter is 36, my son 32.
    I have retired after working at Penrose Library for 19 years.

    I had been working on a particular book for 10 years and it was published on November 10th, 2015. It is mostly illustrations with text, akin to an art journal. I enjoy...

  24. Vallance, Brandy

    Brandy Vallance fell in love with the Victorian time period at a young age, loving the customs, manners, and especially the intricate rules of love. Since time travel is theoretically impossible, she lives in the nineteenth century vicariously through her novels.

    Unaccountable amounts of black tea have fueled this ambition. Brandy's love of tea can only be paralleled by her love of Masterpiece Theater Classics, deep conversations, and a good book. Brandy is the 2013 Operation First...

  25. van de Berkt, Leah

    Leah has been writing since she was six years old. Her very first story was written for her mother and Leah illustrated it herself using stencils and crayons.

    Leah was homeschooled from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and started community college when she turned 16. From there she went on to College of the Ozarks in Missouri and graduated in 2009 with a BA in English.

    Leah's and debut children's story released under her children's author pen name Julia Joss on November 27,...

    Published Works:
    • Unraveling Glenmore (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2015)
    • Blue Hooves and a Broken Wing (written as Julia Joss)(Tate Publishing, 2012)