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Scope Statement

Pikes Peak Library District's Local Authors website lists published authors whose works are set in the Pikes Peak region, who live or work in the region, or who write about the area. Authors are recommended for the website by library staff, the authors themselves, or members of the community. Participation in the website is voluntary. The website has author, title, genre, and keyword search capability. Each entry provides the following information on the authors: biographical profiles, listings of their published works, and availability for speaking engagements.

Criteria for Inclusion

  • Author must live or work in the Pikes Peak region, OR
  • Author’s works are about the Pikes Peak region, OR
  • Author’s works are set in the Pikes Peak region.
  • Author must be published.
  • Examples of published works include:
    • Works that have received critical reviews or have been reviewed in established review journals.
    • Works that can be found in public, academic, school, and special libraries.
    • Works for which the author has received monetary compensation/payment.
    • On-Demand publishing, self-publishing, and eBooks meet the criteria if the author is receiving monetary compensation for their work.

    Examples of works that do not necessarily constitute published works and may not meet the criteria include:

    • Works printed or distributed in quantity (fliers, booklets, etc).
    • Electronic publications on websites, chat rooms, or blogs.
    • Works written as part of one’s occupation such as a technical writer or newspaper columnist.
    • Desktop publishing.

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The database is maintained by one librarian and one technician. It is expanded as new information is received. A database update is completed every two years. The technician in charge of the database screens prospective applicants to insure that they meet the necessary criteria. Authors who have moved from the Pikes Peak region or who are deceased are removed from the database. The technician may edit the author’s information to remove any promotional language.


Inclusion in any PPLD Database does not mean nor imply that the Library evaluates, endorses, or sanctions any group or individual service. This database is not meant to serve as a sales, promotional, or marketing venue. The responsibility of choice rests with the user. Although Library staff strive to keep information current, it is possible that specific information within the listing may change at any time or may not represent a full spectrum of the community. Because the database is available to the general public as well as various government and nonprofit institutions, the Library cannot be responsible for any modification or use of the information. Questions? Contact Us!