1. Gillard, Cheri

    Cheri Gillard has been a freelance writer and editor for twenty-five years, working for several publishing houses and companies writing or editing projects, books, magazines, and curricula, and sitting as judge for the Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest for several years.

    Published Works:
  2. Goff, Chris

    Chris Goff is the award-winning author of five environmental novels and a new international thriller series. The bestselling Birdwatcher's Mystery series was nominated for two WILLA Literary Awards, a Colorado Author's League Award, and published in the UK and Japan. The books were re-released by Astor+Blue Editions in December 2014, and her sixth in the series, A PARLIAMENT OF OWLS, was released May 2016.

    DARK WATERS, her first international thriller, was published...

  3. Royce Gomez has a heart for women from high school through adulthood. After earning five certifications in at-risk populations, Royce wrote a curriculum of 8 modules helping females: recognize self-worth, create healthy boundaries in relationships, and establish effective communication patterns. She spent over 5 years facilitating workshops on these topics.

    Royce was married for 23-years and encourages women to go from a life of survival to thriving and living out their dreams. She...

    Published Works:
    • Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dreams, Love Your Life (co-author)(Believe in Your Dream Publishing, 2016)
    • 7 Beautiful Weeks, The Love Affair That Wasn't Meant to Last (2015)
    • The Spontaneous Journey (2015)
    • Published online at: selfgrowth.com, Charity Magazine, Huffington Post, and Rollins College Edyth Bush Institute
  4. Goraczkowski, Jennifer

    I have lived in the Colorado Springs area with my family for over 30 years. I love to write and love where I live, so it made sense for my stories to take place here.

    Published Works:
  5. A career writer and editor from upstate New York, Peg moved west to Colorado and Alaska, where she renewed her love of photography on the stunning Kenai Peninsula. She worked for several decades in daily newspapers (Gannett and Freedom) and freelanced for years for business and lifestyle magazines. She is licensed both as a massage therapist and a spiritual advisor and has worked in hospital spiritual care. She writes about people and what they believe, career development, small and...

    Published Works:
  6. Graham, Ronnie Lee

    Growing up in a farming community alongside the Missippi river filled me with a sense of adventure. I would look at maps to see where that ever-moving brown water may carry me. I traced the route downstream and pictured the people I might meet. In my mind, I took that trip a hundred times. In the library, when I discovered Mark Twain, I took that trip along with Huck and Tom.

    Today, viewing Pikes Peak through the window near my writing desk, I consider how wonderful God's creation is...

    Published Works:
  7. Grant, Khadija

    Khadija Grant is a proud mother of three little girls and the author of two amazing books. She has published The Influenced, an inspirational book that encourages the reader to look beyond their current situation and to take control of their destiny, as well as an entrepreneurial book for children called You Can Start One Too!

    Her passion for writing realistic fiction started after she sent stories to her husband while he was deployed in Iraq. After hearing how it...

  8. Green, Stewart M.

    Stewart Green, born and raised in Colorado Springs, has been a writer and photographer since 1977 and traveled all over the American West as well as the rest of the United States and world in search of memorable images to publish and exhibit and experiences to write about. Since the mid-1980s, Stewart has worked as a contract writer and photographer for Globe Pequot Press/Falcon Guides, writing and photographing over 26 books as of 2014. As a photojournalist, Stewart’s photographs have...

    Published Works:
  9. Grey, Jessica

    Jessica Grey is an author, fairy tale believer, baseball lover, and recovering Star Wars fangirl. A life-long Californian, she now lives with her two children near Colorado Springs, where she spends her time writing, complaining about snow in April, and drinking way too much caffeine.

    Jessica writes witty, modern Jane Austen adaptations and Young Adult fairy tales featuring strong girls and magic.

    You can find out more about Jessica's novels and short story collections at...

  10. E.L. Haines

    Ethan reads all the time, and writes so that you can read. He travels the world, ignoring the usual boundaries of space and time, collecting stories, which he loves to tell almost as much as Sparrow himself does.

    He grew up in Colorado Springs, and currently lives in Cairo, Egypt. Who knows where he'll end up next?

  11. I spent most of my life in Colorado, beginning in 1962, and only moving away in 2014. My book, Miramont's Ghost, is set at Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs, and though fiction, it includes local history and places. I spent several months researching the book, in both Colorado and New Mexico, and included much of the material that I found.

  12. Hamel, Mike

    MIKE HAMEL is the former editor of INTEREST magazine and Director of the Resource Center for Interest Ministries in Chicago. In 1996 he moved to Colorado Springs and started EMT Communications. Mike has written or co-authored more than twenty books, including a trilogy dealing with faith in the marketplace: The Entrepreneur’s Creed (Broadman & Holman), Executive Influence (NavPress) and Giving Back (NavPress).

    Mike is a cancer survivor who has written...

  13. Harrelson, Lael

    Raised by a fun loving, atheist single mom who struggled with depression and mental illness, I spent my childhood backpacking around Europe, visiting yoga communes, eating vegan, living on a houseboat, then an old pony express outpost in the backwoods of Montana.

    My teen years took a drastic turn when my mom got saved, got married, and joined an ultra-conservative Mennonite church. Faith, step parents and unquestioning obedience is a dangerous combination when mixed with mental...

  14. Paulette is a published author/speaker who loves to encourage others to work toward their purposes and dreams. She is happily married to her husband of 43 years. She loves all animals, horseback riding, golf, walking, gardening, and attempts to raise orchids. Paulette belongs to several writers groups, a member of ACFW, CWG, lostgenre, TWV, among others.

  15. Hawkins, Julie

    I have written a series and a nonfiction book about the Civil War. Most are award winners. My husband and I reside in Colorado Springs and have lived in Colorado most of our lives.

    Published Works:
  16. Brought to the Springs twice thanks to the Air Force, Laura and her family returned for a third time for keeps. Originally from Alabama, she's the author of fourteen novels, and eight short stories/novellas. She also writes as "Elle Vaughn" in collaboration with Yvonne Jocks/Evelyn Vaughn.

    Published Works:
    • America the Beautiful (America the Beautiful series, bk.1)(Tyndale House Publishers, 2008)
    • Red, White, and Blue (America the Beautiful series, bk.2)(Tyndale House Publishers, 2009)
    • Double Exposure (with Susan Ford)(First Daughter Mystery series, bl.1)(St. Martin's Press, 2002)
    • Sharp Focus (with Susan Ford)(First Daughter Mystery series, bk.2)(St. Martin's Press, 2003)
    • A Margin in Time (Parker Hayden Media, 2015)
    • A Margin of Error (Parker Hayden Media, 2016)
    • Ghost of a Chance (Parker Hayden Media, 2016)
    • Angel (Forge Books, 2011)
    • Someone to Watch Over Me (Harlequin Intrigue, 1994)
    • A Killer Smile (Harlequin Intrigue, 1995)
    • Hero for Hire (Harlequin Intrigue)
    • Through the Eyes of a Child (Harlequin Intrigue, 1998)
    • Darkwood Crossing: Bailey, The Critter Sitter (as Elle Vaughn)(Parker Hayden Media, 2020)
  17. I have been a resident of Colorado Springs since 1982.

  18. Jim Henderson is a writer of fun, varied, and technically sound science fiction adventures with a bit of exploration of the human condition. He is also a long-term Air Force veteran and a cybersecurity professional with decades of experience in intelligence, communications, computers, and cyber operations. He has been a life-long aficionado of science fiction in almost every form - books, movies, TV, and games (role-playing, tabletop, and computer).

    When not mentally exploring the...

    Published Works:
    • Jaunts of the Mantis (Independently published, 2019)
    • Expeditions of the Mantis (Independently published, 2019)
    • Far Mantis (Independently published, 2019)
  19. My family moved here from Chicago in 1976. I write novels about ordinary people experiencing life-changing events. I write in all genres of fiction, often influenced by my own extraordinary adventures and infinite imagination. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago in a large, struggling family, working full-time while attending four colleges. I studied Cultural Anthropology, English, Journalism and Theater, eventually earning a B.A. degree in Diversified Studies from the University of...

    Published Works:
  20. I have lived many places ... married and raised five children in Arizona. There I worked in Social Services, tax offices, and secretarial jobs. I was widowed and moved to Colorado in 1984 where I worked for El Paso County. After retiring, I cared for my mother (who was in a wheelchair) and also my younger sister (with M.S.). I am very busy -- but am forever "trying to write!"

    Published Works:
  21. Jamarr Holland is a new author who lives in Colorado Springs. As a teenager, he became interested in writing poetry after viewing the 1989 film Dead Poets Society. He has a wide range of interests, which includes pseudoscience, different belief systems, current events and everything in between. He is also a huge X-files fan and comic book geek.

  22. Horval, Andrew

    Andrew served in the United States Army for 22 years and is a retired Master Sergeant. Upon retirement, Andrew and his family chose to reside in the Pikes Peak region to continue their Christian service within the military and veteran community.

  23. Huxman, Karin

    K.D. Huxman’s first love, after reading, was space. She wanted to be the first veterinarian astronaut. In college she studied biology and was in Air Force ROTC. After college she became an Air Force officer. But rocketing to the stars was not to be. She married a fellow Air Force officer and settled into raising a family. But she never forgot her love of books or science. Many of her books have a science fiction or fantasy element. K.D. went on to earn an MFA in Writing for Children and...

  24. With one foot firmly planted on the American west coast and the other in the Rocky Mountains, M.R. Hyde celebrates and explores the known and spiritual world through writing on themes of mercy, justice, humility and joy. Her religious writing has been praised for its accessibility and her fiction for its absorbing, unusual, original, and humorous nature. M.R. Hyde has written for religious purposes for over three decades and writes fiction for the sheer joy of words.

    M.R. Hyde has...