Text Messaging

PPLD sends text messages to patrons when a hold is available and when items are due or overdue. You can register to receive text messages by logging in to My Account and clicking on the "Personal Information" tab and then the "SMS Notifications" tab.

Click here for instructions

The texts will come from the number 888-464-9205.


I don't know why I'm getting them, I have never been to this library. Please remove me from your notification list.

I used to be able to renew by responding to a text. That was a great service, please bring it back.

Hello Brett:

The Pikes Peak Library District has recently implemented an automatic renewal system for checked out items. The day before an item is due, the system will renew any items using the same rules: if there are any Holds on an item, it will not renew, and if an item has already been renewed two times, it will not renew. This also doesn't apply to digital checkouts or interlibrary loan items.
You will be notified if any items are not able to be automatically renewed.
If you have any further questions, please call: 719-531-6333


I am unable to down load books so I can read them on my tablet. I used to be able too now it says its not recognized. Any ideas?

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