Library Cards

InformationLibrary cards expire every three years. To reinstate your card, please bring photo ID and proof of address to your nearest Library location.

You can get your FREE library card from any Pikes Peak Library District location and use it to check out items.

Full privileges include full access to PPLD's collection of

  • Books, DVDs, magazines, video games, and more
  • eBooks, eAudios, eVideos, eMusic, and eMagazines
  • Databases, including, Mango Languages, ReferenceUSA (now called Data Axle), Regional History and Genealogy resources, and more
  • Computers, Laptops, and Hotspots
  • Makerspaces and Studio 21c

How to Get a Library Card

To be eligible for a library card

  • You must live within the Pikes Peak Library District, which is most of El Paso County, except for Security/Widefield.
  • You will also need a photo ID with your current address OR a photo ID along with documentation of your current address (lease, utility bill, etc).

Updating Your Information

To update your email, phone, or street address, please contact your local library and provide your library card number and PIN.

Other Information

For more information, including cards for out-of-district patrons (Colorado Library Cards/700 Cards), see our Library Card Policy.

Library Cards in Schools

Library card application for schools (en español, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese)


  1. Print out the attached library card application for each student
  2. If the students are 15 or younger, the application goes home to the parent to sign OR if the student is 16 or over they can fill it out and sign it
  3. The teacher or librarian looks at each application and signs it to make sure that all the information is on the application and that it is legible (to folks who don’t read students' handwriting for a living!)
  4. Drop off the applications at a library location with "Attention: Children's Services - East Library" for grades K-5 or “Attention: Teen Services - East Library" for grades 6-12. It is helpful to have the applications in packets by class.
  5. We will enter in the applications and issue or update cards
  6. When they are ready for pick up we will transfer them to a library that is convenient for you to pick them up. OR, we could bring them when we come if we have scheduled a visit to your classroom


Hi there. Non-resident library cards are free. But of course you'd still have to pay any fines you may accrue.

in Canada at Airdrie , red deer epl and Calgary public they have policies that u have to pay like 60 bucks cad there or otherwise au renoivr ! to u buddy thanks!!

by me fax a copy of my FL ID to your library and pay for the library card can you mail the library card to Miami FL no or Yes? because i live in Miami FL and can not go to your library to get only a library card.

I love to help out at places but when I apply for them they turn me down I try so hard to get a job but when I try my hardest all my hard work was for nothing pretty much i just need a place to work because right now i am not doing anything but baby sitting i mean im getting 100$

What if my photo ID is expired?

Hi there. It depends on what you need to do at the library with an expired photo ID. We do not require a photo ID to use our Internet computers. If you are already registered for a library card, we can use an expired photo ID if you forgot your library card. Please talk to staff if you have other concerns.

What is the minimum age required to get a library card?

There is no required minimum age. We leave it up to the parent to decide when to get a library card for their child, since it is a separate account.

If I lose my card, do I get the same numbers for my account or is it a new one? I only ask because I lost my little keychain ones but I found my big card.

If you lose your card, you would get a new card with a new number. We don't have a way to reissue cards with your current number. I'm sorry, I hope this helps.

I have been trying to check out an ebook (I have checked it out before), but every time I tried to download or place on hold, a message would pop up that said "expired Privilege" or "error, contact library". Do I need to re register or something? I do have a $.40 fine, but that hasn't given me issues in the past. Help?

I just tried to check out e books but get library card expired.
I am out of the country and probably won't return until next August, 2021, so it is not possible for me to come in.
I hope you can renew online as I rely on your ebook service for my reading material.
Please let me know as soon as possible about renewal.
Thank you!

Suggestion/request: If your card is expired, it would be nice to get a notification, instead of just all of a sudden being able to sign in! I'm ASSUMING this is what the problem is--don't know for certain, since all there is is a box with "Library cards expire every 3 years". So, does this mean ME? *I* certainly couldn't tell you if it's been three years or not.
(This coincides w/all the new Overdrive stuff, so am unable to tell if it's because of the changes, or exp. of my card.)

An email notice is sent to patrons 30 days prior to library account expiration to allow plenty of time for renewal. There are other reasons that a patron may not be able to sign in on the PPLD account or the Overdrive account. A call to the library is the best way to determine the cause and solution.

I just renewed my membership over the phone and it was Super easy! Call this number 719-531-6333, select zero. You will be connected with someone who will transfer you. Make sure to have your card number handy. It would be nice if there were an electronic method for renewal ( i searched but couldn't find one). The two people i spoke with were both very friendly and made it very easy. Thank you PPLD!

I would like to renew my card on line. I received a 30 day notice.

Hello, thanks for your question!
The Pikes Peak Library District has recently implemented the ability for patrons to renew their library cards online.

Log into your PPLD account at On the the right side of the web page, under the Search button, you will see a 'Renew' button.

Thank you.

I had a library card and can still login to my account. My family moved to Craig, CO. I saw someone else ask about out of area library cards and the response was that they are free. I would still like to use my card for the online access to Overdrive, Mango, and Lynda among others. I would be willing to pay an annual fee if necessary, but if cards are free is there a way to reactivate my card for access to these services? TIA

Per the email I received, I called to renew my library card. However, after I went through all the prompts, it sent me to the "main menu." I received no confirmation that my card had indeed been updated. Nor can I find that info on the web site under my account. Please help.

Hi there. Please call (719) 531-6333 and select option '0' and you can renew your card via phone as long as you know your PIN. Hope this helps!

Please give me a temporary library card for PPLD (I have a Denver Library Card) so I may reserve a meeting room. Thank you!

To get a temporary library card if you go up further on this library card page, select the option to "Apply for a library card online". Complete that online form and it is the temporary library card you need.

I recently updated my library card but I am unable to sign in online because it doesn't recognize me as a patron of the library. What do I need to do?

It seems that something did not get reset when you updated your card. Please call us at 531-6333 and press "0". When you get the operator, please ask for "Circulation" and they will be able to help you resolve this.

Hi I will live in Colorado springs for about six to 12 months. Can I get the membership here and will it be free?
I would like to use the free speaking English service. Please tell me how to use that service.

Yes, you can get a card and it will be free. You will need a photo ID and something that has your Colorado Springs address printed on it such as a bill, insurance, rental agreement, piece of mail that was delivered to this address, etc. Information on the "Speak English" classes can be found at under the "Adult Education" link.


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