1. Dawid, Annie

    I have lived in Colorado for over a decade and moved to the Pikes Peak region in 2014 from Wet Mountain Valley. I Have written for Colorado Central magazine, High Country News and was a Colorado Voice for The Denver Post.
    I am the author of three volumes of fiction and many short stories, book reviews, and essays. I recently won Northern Colorado Writers award for the Essay and the New Rocky Mountain Voices award for a short play. My Ph.D. is from the...

  2. Decker, Cassie

    Cassie Decker started writing love stories after she read her first romance novel in high school and instantly fell in love with falling in love. She believes everyone deserves a happily ever after, whether the men in her stories rope cattle in the rodeo, live in a tropical paradise, or are just trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

    Although Cassie wasn't born in Colorado, she grew up here - Pueblo West specifically - and never wants to leave the most beautiful state in the...

    Published Works:
    • Once in a Lifetime (Dreamspinner Press, 2018)
    • An Unexpected Sanctuary (Dreamspinner Press, 2017)
    • Driven to Distraction (Dreamspinner Press, 2016)
    • Kismet (Dreamspinner Press, 2015)
  3. DeHerrera, Holly

    Holly is a military-brat-who-never-lived-anyplace-for-very-long turned local after marrying her born-and-raised-in-Colorado-Springs husband. Together they are raising, home schooling and trying to keep alive five kids.

    Culture shock was Holly’s childhood, moving from Taiwan to Norway to England to Turkey to Germany and back to Turkey again, establishing in her a love for travel and for different people and for outdoor cafes and castles sitting in the middle of the sea.

    Holly is...

    Published Works:
  4. Denmark, Evangeline

    We moved to Colorado Springs the year I turned 13 and have lived here ever since. One summer I worked for the East Library through a teen job program. I now visit the Briargate branch with my children. PPLD has been part of my life for 22 years.

  5. Dias, Jason

    Jason Dias has lived and worked in the Pikes Peak region since the early 90s after returning home from a childhood in England. Currently a psychologist affiliated with Saybrook University and Pikes Peak Community college, he leverages his experiences in Space Command, psychiatric hospitals and world travel to produce science fiction and fantsy.

    Published Works:
    • What Hope Wrought (Superluminal Velocity Books, 2016)
    • Half Lives (Superluminal Velocity Books, 2016)
    • For Love of Their Children (Superluminal Books, 2015)
    • The Worst of Us (Superluminal Velocity Books, 2015)
    • Shooting Blanks (Superluminal Velocity Books, 2015)
    • The Girlfriend Project (Dias Family Books, 2014)
    • Paintings in Sand (Dias Family Books, 2010)
    • Hoffman, L., Dias, J., McInerney, B., Dyer, C. "Using Neuropsychology to Enhance Existential Psychotherapy." (in press)
    • Dias, J., Claypool, T., Moats, M., and Hoxie, E. (2011). "Louis Hoffman and the Art of International Dialogue." NeuroQuantology 9(3).
    • Dias, J., Chan, A., Unvarsky, J., Oraker, J., and Cleare-Hoffman, H. (2011). "Reflections on Marriage and Family Therapy Emergent from International Dialogues in China." The Humanistic Psychologist 30(3). pp268-275.
    • Hoffman, L. & Dias, J. (2010). "Culture, Food and Death: a Review of the film Departures." Psycritiques, 55(18).
  6. Having grown up here, I left Harrison High School for what is now the University of Northern Colorado and returned to teach 16 years in El Paso County School District #11. After early retirement, I foresook the planned Ph. D. in dramatic literature to co-coordinate the Spirit of Palmer Festival in 1986, to work for the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and later the Pikes Peak Library District. Again retired but working actively and travelling as much as I can, I hope to continue writing...

    Published Works:
  7. Diller, Janelle

    I’ve always had a passion for writing. Early on, I polished my writing skills by passing notes to my friends instead of paying attention in math class. The resulting time in detention gave me lots of time to write more notes. As a young child, I wouldn’t leave home without a pad and pencil just in case my novel hit me, and I had to scribble it down quickly. Sadly, I eventually lost this naiveté. However, as a result of my love of writing, I have an unusual variety of books published. The...

    Published Works:
  8. Dilts, Catherine

    Catherine Dilts is the author of the amateur sleuth Rock Shop Mystery series, set in a small Colorado mountain town suspiciously similar to Manitou Springs. With a day job as an environmental regulatory technician, Catherine's stories often have environmental or factory-based themes. Others reflect her love of the Colorado mountains, fishing, and running.

    Published Works:
  9. I have always loved Colorado and moved here in 2007. My books reflect my love of the natural beauty and wonderful people who reside here.

    Published Works:
    • Poems, Prayers and Prose: A Devotional
    • Reaching New Heights (Spring 2014)
  10. DiSilverio, Laura

    The author of twelve mystery novels and counting, Laura DiSilverio is a former Air Force intelligence officer. She writes the Mall Cop series (Berkley Prime Crime), the Swift Investigations humorous PI series (Minotaur), and the upcoming Readaholics book club mystery series (NAL)—first two books coming in 2015.

    She conducts workshops for writers’ conferences and MWA’s Mystery University, and serves as President of Sisters in Crime.

    She plots murders and parents teens in...

  11. Doolan-Fox, Ann

    It has been my immense pleasure to have lived in beautiful Colorado Springs since the summer of 1995 when my husband and I moved here after his retirement from the USAF at LA AFB. We both met in Holland after I had lived/survived in six different countries around Europe with a Dream of someday getting back to the United States to live. It was a Dream that I never gave up on since growing up as a little girl in Dublin, Ireland.

    I was thrilled to have acquired my US Citizenship (...

  12. Dorchak, F.P.

    I grew up between Key West, Florida and Whitefield, New Hampshire, but spent most of my formative years in New York State’s Adirondack mountains. I attended Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Upon graduation, I entered the U.S. Air Force as an officer and served in missile warning and satellite operations. I was stationed at Cavalier AFS, North Dakota, then Falcon AFS/Schriever AFB, CO (moved to Colorado in 1985).

    I've been writing about the paranormal,...

  13. Several years ago my husband and I, along with our three children, settled back in the Colorado Springs area to be near family and for our love of hiking and climbing.

    Published Works:
  14. Eiman, Ashley

    Ashley Eiman is a professional editor and writer living in Colorado. She loves Downton Abbey, country music, and all things Jane Austen.

  15. Eliot, Anne

    Anne was born and raised in Colorado, attended the Colorado College, and DU's Publishing Institute and now resides in Colorado Springs.

  16. Entwistle, Bert

    Bert moved from Illinois to Colorado Springs in 1974 with my wife Nancy and sons Jeremy and Chad. He now has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He started as a freelance photojournalist covering action sports and started writing as well as photographing nearly twenty years ago. He has worked as a photographer/writer for rodeo/bull riding, and track photographer for Pikes Peak International Raceway.

    As a freelance writer and photographer, he has sold hundreds of articles...

  17. J.T. moved to Colorado Springs in 1998 with his beautiful wife. J.T. is originally from west Texas, and his wife is from northwest Montana. They found Colorado Springs to be a perfect place to live and it landed them halfway between their two home towns.

  18. Farber, Kirk

    Kirk is originally from Wisconsin. After taking many trips to the Rocky Mountains, he and his wife couldn't stay away from Colorado and moved to the Pikes Peak Region in 2007. His interests (outside from reading and writing) include hiking, playing music, and spending time with his family.

  19. Faulconer, Maria

    A San Francisco native, Maria Faulconer is a children's author and freelance writer. Her latest book, A Mom for Umande, is the heart-tugging true story of a baby gorilla who finds love in the arms of a surrogate mom. Recommended by the New York Times and USA Today, Umande received a starred-review in Kirkus and was nominated for a Show Me Award by the Missouri Association of School Librarians. Her first book, Arianna and the Strawberry Tea, was...

    Published Works:
  20. Finnish, V.K.

    V. K. Finnish is the author of The Discoveries of Arthur Grey books, a middle-grade series that twists together all her favorite genres into one epic adventure.

    She grew up in Chicago with a zoo’s worth of pets, including three Alaskan malamutes, who inspired her furry character Griffin. After moving through several states, Finnish now lives just outside Colorado Springs with her family.

  21. Fischer, T.R.

    TR grew up in and around Boulder, Colorado. After moving to California and sampling life in San Diego, San Francisco and L.A., she and her husband moved back to the wilds of the Denver area. That didn't satisfy, so the city dwellers took up raising buffalo, along with their four rowdy children. Each day is an adventure, on and off the page.

    TR now resides near Black Forest. Before moving to Elbert County, we lived in Colorado Springs for two years.

  22. Flint, Anne

    I write part time and also design websites and maintain them for independent business people like artists and authors.

    My book, Fettigrew Hall - The Biography of a House, was self-published in 2010. This is a series on a 600 year old house in England. I'm writing the centuries, who lived in the house and what happened. Filled with mystery, artifacts and ghosts, these stories will keep you fascinated.

    Published Works:
  23. Who says dreams don't come true? Though it took her almost thirty years, Karen Fox managed to make her childhood dream of becoming an author a reality. After selling her first book in 1996, she has gone on to publish eight novels, one short story, and one novella.

    Born and raised in Jackson, Michigan, Karen married a boy from the country, John Fox, who then joined the Air Force and took her on a trip around the world. While living in locations such as Tacoma, WA; Charleston, SC;...

  24. Angela moved to Colorado Springs from Texas in 2009 purely for the beautiful scenery.