1. Burns, Andrew

    A.M. Burns lives in the Colorado Rockies with his partner, several dogs, cats, horses, and birds. When he’s not writing, he’s often fixing fences, splitting wood, hiking in the mountains, or flying his hawks.

    He is past president of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group and currently serves as treasurer.

  2. A Colorado Springs native, Jennifer was born at Memorial Hospital and graduated from Coronado High School. She has lived in Michigan, California, and Virginia, but always comes home to Colorado.

  3. Carrillo, Kimberly

    I attended college in the state of Washington. I moved to Colorado Springs this past summer (2013).

    My stories are influenced by the areas with which I am familiar; my readers can anticipate stories set in Colorado as I grow more familiar with my new home.

  4. Casale, Nicholas

    Nicholas S. Casale grew up in Palmer Lake, a small town in Colorado. Shortly thereafter he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and began working as a paralegal.

    From a young age he was attracted to history, myth, and religion, and spent several years searching for the religion that best matched his personal beliefs. He is now a practicing Messianic Jew, and is happily married to the woman who taught him Hebrew.


    Published Works:
    • The Crusade of Stone and Stars (Tales of Erets book 1)(Alpine Line Publishers, 2015)
    • The Soothsayer's Son (Tales of Erets book 2)(Alpine Line Publishers, 2016)
  5. Robert has lived in Colorado Springs for ten years.

    Published Works:
    • Hundred Ghost Soup (vol.1, Bureau for Eternal Affairs Trilogy)(Curiosity Quills Press, 2016)
  6. In 1956 we took a long journey from Washington, Pennsylvania to Colorado, to visit my brother at Lowry Air Base in Denver. We visited Colorado Springs and I fell in love with the area and Colorado. By 1969 I was teaching in Denver, and by 1981 a resident of Woodland Park, and in 1991 moved down to Colorado Springs. During some of those journey's I was a writer in Portland, Oregon, a volunteer fireman and EMT in Idledale, Colorado, and in the 1980s had my own film and video production...

    Published Works:
    • Sunfire: A Collection of Poems (2006-2007)
    • At the Crack of Dawn: A Book of Poems (2002)
    • "A Spider in Every Cup" (short story) appears in Nov-Dec 2008 issue of The Rambler
    • "Morning Doves" (short story) appears in the Spring 2009 issue of Language and Cultural Arts Magazine
    • Jim's poetry has appeared in many publications, including: Yankee, Haiku Highlights, Ave Maria, Catholic Rural Life, Cadence, Poet Lore, Julesberg Advocate, Crested Butte Pilot, The Borestone Mountain Anthology, and Rocky Mountain Creative Arts Journal.
  7. Clark, Becky

    Becky Clark is the seventh of eight kids, all born and raised in Colorado Springs, which explains both her insatiable need for attention and her atrocious table manners. She likes to read funny books so it felt natural to write them too. She surrounds herself with quirky people and pets who end up as characters in her books.

    Readers say her books are “fast and thoroughly entertaining” with “witty humor and tight writing” and “humor laced with engaging characters” so you should “grab a...

  8. Clewley, Carol

    The descendant of Colorado pioneers, I was born into a family of eight when my father owned the Pine Valley Dairy, now part of the U.S. Air Force Academy. After surviving bulbar polio (90% deadly), I managed to grow up in 1950s Colorado Springs, an innocent, fun time of my life. I went to work for HQ NORAD at age 17, married the love of my life when I was 21, and lived happily ever after until I was 40. Then my world crashed and burned.

    My life descended into hell and, had I not...

  9. Clibon, Esther

    Esther Clibon was a Colorado native, born in a sod house on her father's homestead in Eastern Colorado.

    Her obituary which appeared in The Gazette is available with the following link: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/gazette/obituary.aspx?n=esther-e-clibon...

  10. Coleman, Patricia

    Patricia Coleman, aka P. R. Morris, is a critically acclaimed author of historical, amateur sleuth, and alternative history short stories and novels. She has received two Reviewers' Choice awards and spoken at national writers conferences. One critic wrote "Ms. Coleman writes with elegance and pizzaz." (Romantic Times). Her latest historical romantic mystery, Tea and Treachery is now on sale. Pat lives in Colorado where she works with Special Needs teenagers and...

    Published Works:
    • Tea and Treachery (Amber Quill Press, 2015)
  11. Colter, Liz

    Liz has followed her heart through a wide variety of careers, including farming with a team of draft horses and working as a field paramedic, Outward Bound instructor, athletic trainer, and roller-skating waitress, among other curious choices. She also knows more about concrete than you might suspect.

    Her novels written under the name L. D. Colter explore contemporary and dark fantasy, and ones written as L. Deni Colter venture into epic fantasy realms. Following a long interlude in...

    Published Works:
  12. Converse, Brian

    Brian S. Converse is a writer of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and poetry. He lives with his wife, four kids, and two animals in the Front Range area of Colorado. Brian assists with the Teen Writing program at the Monument library every month. Brian is a US Army Veteran and grew up in Michigan.

  13. Cook, Doug

    Doug Cook has spent over two thousand hours underwater exploring and photographing life in the oceans. He is retired from a thirty-four year career as a petroleum geophysicist. This career allowed him to explore five of the world’s continents and live in Saudi Arabia for eighteen years. A career highlight in petroleum exploration was participating in ten years of deep-water submersible oil seep studies in the Gulf of Mexico. These seeps have associated chemosynthetic communities of life. As...

    Published Works:
    • The Aquila Mission (CreateSpace, 2018)
    • D. Cook et al., 2018, "The Douglas Crater Field, Wyoming, USA: Discovery of an Unexpected Crater Cluster at the Carboniferous-Permian Boundary." 81st Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society, Moscow (LPI Contrib. No. 2067), Abs. 6149.
    • D. Cook et al., 2018, "Exhumed Paleozoic Impact Crater Strewn Field near Douglas, Wyoming, USA: Evidence from Microstructural Analysis, Satellite, and Drone Imagery." 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abs. 1469.
    • D. Cook, 2018, "Near Earth Objects (NEOs): Population Distributions, Origins, and Implications on Earth Impact Threat and Asteroid Mining Resources." AAPG 2018 Convention Abstracts.
    • D. Cook et al., 2017, "AAPG Total Solar Eclipse Field Guide."
    • D. Cook, 2017, "Asteroid Mining: The State of the Industry and our Future in Space." AAPG 2017 Convention Abstracts
    • D. Cook, 2016, "A Bold Proposal for a Crewed Deep Space Mission to Rendezvous with and Sample an Asteroid and a Comet." New Worlds Space Settlement Symposium Proceedings, Austin, Texas.
    • D. Cook et al., 2016, "Chronostratigraphic Framework and Gross Depositional Environments of the Shu'aiba Formation in the Under-Explored Eastern Rub' Al-Khali Basin." Saudi Arabia, GeoArabia GEO 2016 Convention Abstracts.
    • D. Cook et al., 2016, "Exploration and Commercialization of Tight Gas Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia." AAPG ME Exploring Mature Basins Geosciences Technology Workshop Abstracts; Workshop Co-Chair Douglas Cook, Saudi Aramco.
  14. I moved here to attend college in 1975, but took some time off to experience the wildlife and go skiing. I was then a realtor for twenty years and began writing in 1995.

  15. Cowles, Ashlee

    Ashlee Cowles grew up an Army "brat" and has lived in many places, but her earliest memories are of Pikes Peak and she always seems to find her way back to Colorado Springs. She teaches literature/writing at an online high school, and philosophy at Pikes Peak Community College. Her debut Young Adult novel, Beneath Wandering Stars (Merit Press, August 2016), incorporates her love of international travel and her lifelong connection to the military community.

    Learn more at her...

  16. Cox, Jodi

    Jodi Cox is an American dieselpunk author born on April 10, 1979 in Union City, Indiana. She graduated from Simon Kenton High School in 1997. Later she went on to graduate with a BFA from the College of Mount Saint Joseph, now known as the University of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    After college, Jodi started writing for Citybeat magazine. Later she went on to become a pioneer in internet graphics and website development. After spending nearly ten years writing for...

    Published Works:
    • Between Darkness & Light -- Poetry
    • How Does Your Gard Grow -- City Beat News
    • Balancing Act -- City Beat News
    • Power to the People -- City Beat News
    • Nether After -- Fiction
    • Nether After Tommyknockers (upcoming)
    • Pokey Po Pines (upcoming)
  17. Cramer, Chad

    Chad Cramer has a business degree from Cornerstone University and makes his full time profession in the software market. Ever since he was an early teen, he dreamed of one day having children and leaving a legacy for them. After years of writing down ideas and then beginning a family, Chad knew that his experiences would teach well beyond his household.

    When his children began to struggle with the fear of the dark, writing a book came naturally for him. The process of researching this...

  18. Crespo, Ana

    Ana Crespo is the author of The Sock Thief, a CCBC 2016 Choices book that tells the story of Felipe, a Brazilian boy who can't afford a soccer ball and must use a lot of creativity (and a few socks) to solve his problem. She is also the author of the My Emotions and Me series. The series follows JP, a little boy with a big imagination, as he learns how to deal with his feelings.

    Ana is originally from Brazil, but lives in beautiful Colorado with her family.

  19. Pat Criscito is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with more than 33 years of experience. She is the president and founder of ProType, Ltd., an international writing, editing, typesetting, and personal branding service established in 1980, and based in Colorado Springs. Pat has written more than 15,000 resumes and speaks nationally on career and entrepreneurial subjects.

    Pat is currently President of the Board of Directors for Desert Harvest, Felicity, Inc., and Felicity...

  20. I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1991. I lived in Germany for 8 years, be the daughter of a missionary. Moved to Colorado Springs in 2005.

    Published Works:
  21. Cutting, Atwood

    This local author is both Kate Peters, (raised in California and Hawaii, a solo adventurer to Fairbanks, Alaska “to see a winter,” the pioneering wife and protagonist of Sleeping Moose Saga,) as well as Atwood Cutting, the fictionalized daughter and actual author of several books, including the historical fiction series about Alaska, and photo essay books designed "for areas of waiting."

    After leaving Alaska, and living in the Midwest for a quarter century, Kate Peters came...

    Published Works:
    • Where the Moose Slept: Sleeping Moose Saga, Part One (Cutting/Echo Hill Arts Press, 2017)
    • Images from Atwood: A Photo Essay Series for Areas of Waiting (2016)
    • Tales from Sleeping Moose, vols. 1-4 (Echo Hill Arts Press, 2015)
    • Country Magazine (Short story, 2013)
    • Kansas City Voices – a periodical of KC writing and art, 2005 - photographs
    • Booklet, The Story of Hope, 1992
    • Clay County Museum and Historical Society Newsletter, Missouri - 1990
    • Educational Newsletter, Recycling Center of Hawaii, 1989
    • Alaska Pacific University’s Literary / Art Magazine, Anchorage - short story, artwork, 1986
    • Punahou School, Literary Club, Honolulu - poem, 1965
    • Palo Alto Times, California – poem, 1959
  22. Dandridge, Rosalind

    Rosalind was born and raised in New York. She graduated from Walden University with a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in teaching. She comes from a family of musicians and singers and began writing poems and songs at the age of fifteen years old. She lives in Colorado with her daughter Symone and her two cats Rosealee and Mimi.

  23. Daniels, Avery

    Avery Daniels was born and raised in Colorado Springs, graduated from college with a degree in business administration and has worked in fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense her entire life. Her most eventful job was apartment management for 352 units.

    She still resides in Colorado with two brother black cats as her spirited companions. She volunteers for a local cat shelter, enjoys scrapbooking and card making, photography, and painting in watercolor and acrylic....

  24. Davis, Mary

    Mary returned to Colorado Springs in 1998, before that she lived here for 3 1/2 years from fall of 1988 to spring of 1992. She also lived in Aurora for 6 months in 1985. All this coming and going was due to her husband being in the Air Force.