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  1. As a child raised in the Southwest United States on the border of one of the largest oil fields in the country, S.J. Abraham was a lonely nerd. With no interest in rodeo or baseball, he spent his time reading. His heroes were fictional characters and great novelists. It wasn’t long before he started scratching out his own stories. In recent years he has embraced his geekieness and has set to work turning his writing hobby into a career as a novelist. While he originally wrote for adults, he…

  2. Mark is a second generation native to Colorado and loves the area too much to want to leave.

  3. My name is Tom. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs during the 1940s and 1950s, which in many people's opinions was the "best of times." I am retired, but I write and paint in oils and acrylics. My art has won several awards including a couple of "Best of Show." I have previously published "Memoirs of a Bureau Curmudgeon" and my latest effort is available now is entitled "From Hell Raiser to Hall of Famer: Best of Times." Both works are autobiographical.

  4. The author was born in Colorado Spring and has lived here all her life.

    Published Works:
  5. Jean Alfieri is the author of short story rhymers starring an often mischievous and always adorable Pug named Zuggy. Her love of poetry started at the age of five when she read Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells. Jean is a native of Chicago, and has always had a special fondness for dogs, no matter where she’s lived: Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Wisconsin, or Arizona. She and her fur-family currently reside in Colorado Springs, where she volunteers at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. She…

  6. Alleman, Arleen

    Arleen is a former senior analyst with the Government Accountability Office where she wrote extensively on many topics ranging from satellite systems to endangered species. She has a science education and loves nature and reality. She is a life-long avid reader and began writing fiction in 2009. She has completed the six-book Darcy Farthing adventure series, which are contemporary mysteries with travel and thought-provoking topical subjects.

    Published Works:
    • Currents Deep and Deadly (Darcy Farthing series)
    • Currents of Vengeance (Darcy Farthing series)
    • Current Assets (Darcy Farthing series)
    • Alternate Currents (Darcy Farthing series)
    • A Current Deception (Darcy Farthing series)
    • Currents of Sin (Darcy Farthing series)
  7. Allen, Reverend Caron M.

    Rev. Allen is a member of the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church (EMBC) where she serves as one of the associate ministers to Rev. Cleveland A. Thompson in the capacity of Director of Operations. A 33-year law enforcement veteran (retired), Rev. Allen lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Henry Allen, Jr., retired first sergeant from the United States Army. She and her husband have a blended family of eight adult children, 21 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. In 2009 Rev.…

  8. My wife and I have been counselors for many years. We lived in Texas for 17 years and returned to Colorado in 1997. I was instrumental in the formation of Rapha, an organization that placed mental health treatment programs in hospitals around the country. I also operated psychiatric/counseling clinics in Houston and San Antonio.

  9. Laura Ander grew up in Palmer Lake, CO and participated in numerous summer reading programs through the Pikes Peak Library District during her adolescent years. As she grew older, she developed an interest in writing short stories and dreamed of one day becoming an author. Laura Ander currently resides in Colorado Springs and spends her days working on her series, The Alchemist Saga.

    Published Works:
    • The Alchemist Saga: Subversion (Book 1) - CreateSpace, March 2017
  10. Anderson, John

    John Wesley Anderson, MBA, is a published author, storyteller and TEDx speaker. He enjoyed a 30-year law enforcement career, retiring at the rank of sergeant after 22 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department, followed by 8 years serving as the elected sheriff for El Paso County, Colorado. After being term-limited as Sheriff, John retired from public safety and was employed in homeland and corporate security for ten years in the private sector. He retired from the Lockheed Martin…

  11. Received BS in Physics, Math, and Latin at Mercer University, then a Master of Science in Mathematics from Emory, after which I moved to Colorado Springs to work at NORAD/SpaceCommand as the Mathematician at the Directorate of Astrodynamics. Later I worked on the "Star Wars" program (SDI) at Falcon AFB (now Schriever). I taught math courses at UCCS for almost 12 years, then at the US Air Force Academy. I was recruited by the University of Maryland to teach for the European Division, and…

    Published Works:
  12. After receiving degrees in Philosophy, Biology, and Psychology at Mercer University, Dr. Arangno received an MA at the University of Georgia, and her PhD, at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She served on the Medical Ethics Committee at Rose Medical Center, Denver, CO, and the St. Francis Ethics Committee in Colorado Springs, CO. She also served on the Chancellor's Advisory Committee at UCCS, and now serves as a member of the Student Retention Program. Current interests and research…

    Published Works:
  13. Arrington, Bradley

    Born in Brooklyn, Long Island, New York, I have been a resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado since November 2011. I have written over 100 original stories (short stories, poems, indie screenplays, stage plays) and audio (radio) plays & skits (audio short stories) of several genres: Twilight Zone-type stories, science fiction, horror, comedy, satire, and drama. I am currently working on a sci-fi novel that is a cross between Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. A former homeless veteran (U.S…

    Published Works:
    • "The Prophet Profit Scandal Transcript" (published in Pikes Peak Community Col…
    • "Utopia-esque" (printed in Evolution magazine, pub. by Suffolk Community Colleg…
    • "Flight of the Glass Owl" (printed in Evolution magazine, pub. by Suffolk Commu…
  14. Artman, Rebekah

    A wife and mother of two, Becca Hart felt the calling to be a writer at the tender age of fifteen. She earned her Associate of Arts degree in English from Pikes Peak Community College in 2013. Though born and raised in a small town in northeast Ohio, Becca makes her home in southern Colorado in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains since 2007 and is a frequent visitor and patron of Pikes Peak Library. You can catch her pursuing the shelves, looking for little gems to take home. You can visit her…

  15. Artzberger, Jodi

    Jodi writes inspirational romantic suspense stories that are Gospel centered and intertwined with God's love and plan of redemption. Her passion for the Word has led her to teach women how to study their Bibles for themselves. She loves living in beautiful Colorado with her wonderful husband, two awesome boys, and rescue dogs. In her spare time, you can find her playing with her latest kitchen gadget and exploring where God has graciously place her in Colorado.

  16. Atherton, Nancy

    Nancy Atherton is the author of Aunt Dimity mysteries. With 21 titles, including many bestsellers, her cozy mystery series follows paranormal sleuth Aunt Dimity. Aunt Dimity's Death was voted "One of the Century's 100 Favorite Mysteries" by the Independent Booksellers Association. Nancy's next book, Aunt Dimity and the Widow's Curse, will be published in May 2017. Nancy lives, works, and plays in Colorado Springs. Nancy Atherton has been a longtime attendee of Mountain of Authors…

  17. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Linsey Baldwin is the third child and second daughter in a military family. Linsey and her husband Tom traveled for many years, finally settling down in southern Colorado in 2000. Linsey and Tom have three grown children and one grandchild. In her debut novel, Mom's Summer, Linsey provides a fresh, heartwarming perspective to handling the illness and loss of a dear loved one.

    Published Works:
    • Mom's Summer (Sarah Book Publishing, 2016)
  18. Bale, Mary

    Prior to moving to Colorado Springs in 2002 I wrote and published articles relating to community, current issues, family and local, and historical articles in the Phoenix metro area. My work appeared in newspapers and magazines. Shortly after moving to the Springs I became a GrandFriend volunteer in School District 11. My grandchildren and the students I work with inspired me to write children's stories. Since 2005 I have written and published five children's books. Also I have had several…

    Published Works:
  19. Marty Mokler Banks is a children's author, travel writer, editor, tennis player, hockey fan and dog lover. As a full-time writer, her books and articles show a bit of a split personality--the reality of making the writing life work. Her magazine stories are often about exotic, freakishly amazing places all over the world. She's also co-authored a travel book about her hometown: Insiders' Guide to Colorado Springs (Globe Pequot Publishers, 2011). But long ago, her love of reading morphed into…

  20. Barrington, Gregory

    Originally from Chicago, Gregory Barrington now lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Prior to writing & illustrating his first book, he owned his own boutique design & advertising agency for twenty years, was a publisher of regional magazines, and taught graphic design and art history as a college adjunct professor.

  21. Mother of two daughters. Docent Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for 10 years. Docent at Fountain Creek Nature Center and Bear Creek Nature Center from 1991 to the present. Author of five prose books and a good deal of poetry.

    Published Works:
  22. Baxter, William Edwin

    William Edwin Baxter was born on October 11, 1954 in Fullerton, California. He was born with developmental disabilities, but has strive not to let his disabilities defeat him in life, but to go above and beyond them by accomplishing great things and inspiring others to do the same. This became his legacy. He lived most of his life in Orange County, California; but currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. On July 9, 2016, William suffered a massive pulmonary embolism which almost ended…

    Published Works:
    • W.E.B. Tales (2018)
    • W.E.B. Files (2019)
    • W.E.B. Medleys (2019)
    • The Last Apostle - A Father Serra Story (2019)
    • There's Weirdo! - A Christian Testimony and Autobiography (2020)
    • The First Batteries - A Celtic Tall Tale (2019)
    • Dangerous Snakes and Arachnids in Colorado (2019)
    • Let No Man Put Asunder - A Father Valentine Story (2019)
    • True Blue Los Angeles Baseball - Sports Timeline of the Los Angeles Dodgers (20…
    • The Popcorn Ball Caper (2019)
    • Field Trip to WaldoVille Art Gallery (2019)
    • The Legend of Good King Wenceslas - A Story of the Light of Christmas (2019)
    • Calendar ABC's - W.E.B. Scrolls 2019 (2019)
    • Old Jeremy (2019)
    • Servant of God - A Story of Saint Oscar Romero (2020)
    • The 12 Gifts of Easter - An Easter Parody (2019)
  23. Bazer, Ashley

    Ashley Hodges Bazer is the author of the epic sci-fi series, The Crown's Call, which explores the onset and aftermath of a religious holocaust in a space opera setting. She also dabbles in young adult fantasy, bringing chess pieces to life in Checkmate and mixing up fairy tales with fun twists in Once Upon a Heist. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three children. After earning her bachelor’s degree in theatrical stage management from Arizona State…

  24. Beasley, Elizabeth

    The Colorado mountains serves as Elizabeth's inspiration for writing poetry and other inspirational works. She has been writing, speaking, singing, and inspiring people since the age of 8. Her heart's desire is to impact young and old alike to be their very best. The Pikes Peak Library District shows such total support for local writers that Elizabeth is inspired to reach out and touch those in the district whose lives have been altered by drug abuse or any other factors, and who are in need…

  25. I attended schools in Colorado Springs from 3rd grade through 12th, graduating from Harrison High School in 1972. I have written Colorado Women: A History, the first full length chronicle of the lives, roles, and contributions on women in Colorado, including those in the Pikes Peak Region.

  26. Bell, Donnell

    Donnell Ann Bell is the author of two Amazon bestsellers, Deadly Recall and The Past Came Hunting, both of which were nominated for the prestigious Golden Heart from Romance Writers of America®. Deadly Recall is also a 2014 EPICON nominee for best thriller/suspense. Her newest book, Black Pearl: A Cold Case Suspense, was released in 2019 and was a finalist in the 2020 Colorado Book Award, Thriller category. Her website is…

  27. I came to Colorado in 1973 because of the beauty of the land and the promise of the future.

    Published Works:
  28. Berge, Bekah

    Bekah Berge fell in love with all things mystical at a young age. Her love of stories led to her writing her first book in her early twenties, and she's never looked back since. When not scribbling down fantastical tales, she enjoys traveling, baking, hiking in the nearby mountains, and brewing the perfect cup of tea.

  29. Christina Bergling

    Christina Bergling has been writing since childhood. She has written a variety of styles. A blog from Iraq, software user guides for software, articles for a numismatist magazine. More than anything, she is a horror author.

    In college at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, she pursued a professional writing degree and started publishing small scale. It all began with “How to Kill Yourself Slowly.”

    Crystal Lake released her latest novel, Followers. Limitless…

    Published Works:
    • Followers | September 2021 | Crystal Lake Publishing
    • "The Dark Sign" | The Best of Indie Horror, November 2020 | Kevin J. Kennedy
    • "Malignant" | The Horror Collection: Purple Edition, July 2019 | Kevin J. Kenne…
    • "Awake" | America's Emerging Horror Writers: West Region, March 2019 | Z Publis…
    • Screechers | March 2019 | Kevin J. Kennedy
    • "This Way," "Prison," "The Leftovers" | 100 Word Horrors 2, March 2019 | Kevin …
    • “Duende” | Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 2, October 2018 | Kevin J. Kennedy
    • “Zoltara” | Carnival of Horror, October 2018 | Kevin J. Kennedy
    • “Freaks” | Carnival of Nightmares, October 2018 | Limitless Publishing LLC
    • "Santa's Workshop" | Haunted Holidays, September 2018 | Thirteen O'Clock Press
    • “Whole”, “Under the Rapids” | Ink and Sword Magazine, August 2018
    • “Look What You Made Me Do” | Colorado’s Emerging Writers: A Fiction Anthology, …
    • “Personas” | Colorado’s Emerging Writers: A Nonfiction Anthology, August 2018 |…
    • “Upgraded” | Demonic Household, August 2018 | Battle Goddess Productions
    • “After the Screaming Stopped” | Graveyard Girls, June 2018 | HellBound Books Pu…
    • Savages | second edition, April 2018 | HellBound Books Publishing LLC
    • “Jack Frost”, “You Don’t See Me”, “Grand Slam” | 100 Word Horrors, January 2018…
    • The Waning | second edition, December 2017 | HellBound Books Publishing LLC
    • “Black Widow” | Collected Halloween Horror Shorts, October 2017 | Kevin J. Kenn…
    • “Adam, Eve, and Mr. Bubbles” | Demonic Wildlife, October 2017 | Battle Goddess …
    • The Rest Will Come | March 2017 | Limitless Publishing LLC
    • “Hatch” | Collected Easter Horror Shorts, April 2017 | Kevin J. Kennedy
    • “The Last Christmas Dinner” | Collected Christmas Horror Shorts, November 2016 …
    • The Waning | July 2015 | Assent Publishing
    • Savages | December 2014 | Assent Publishing
    • "Death and Other Disappointments" | Denver Syntax issue 22, January 2011
    • "How to Kill Yourself Slowly" | Denver Syntax issue 16, January 2009
    • "Tell Me About Your First Time" | literary magazine riverrun, 2005 | University…
  30. I came to Colorado Springs as an editor on the team that founded WaterBrook Press/Random House. After four years with the company, I decided to go freelance but we had fallen in love with Colorado--it's home now.

  31. I have lived in Colorado Springs since 1959. I volunteer at the Fine Arts Center, Cheyenne Mt. Zoo, Bear Creek Nature Center, Garden of the Gods, and White House Ranch. Inspiration from out-of-town walking tour books led to Trips On Twos. I am actively involved in presenting bus tours, walking tours, slide presentations, talks, school programs, adult education and Elderhostel classes (Local, Colorado, Rocky Mountain West)

  32. Bhagat, Brook

    Brook Bhagat was born here in Colorado Springs. She went to high school in Woodland Park. After graduating from Vassar College in New York, she came back to work as a photojournalist for the Ute Pass Courier. She then went to India, where she met her husband, Gaurav. They began writing freelance articles together which were published in dozens of journals and magazines, including Ecoworld and Little India. Four years later, they returned to Colorado Springs, where they both…

    Published Works:
    • Full-length poetry collection "Only Flying" due out Nov. 2021 from Unsolicited …
    • "The Lady Scarecrow" and "My Nothing Burned Down to the Center of the Earth," L…
    • "The Homes of Birds," A Walk with Nature Anthology, University Professors Press…
    • Excerpt from "The Goddess Becomes," A Story in 100 Words, July 2019
    • "Good Dream Bad Dream" in author Beth Boldman's article about micropoetry in Pa…
    • "She Comes in on a Peahen" and "Downwelling," Harbinger Asylum, December 2018
    • "The Goblin King Slips an Empty Sting," A Story in 100 Words, November 2018
    • "Letter to an Unborn Daughter (Fist Girl)," The Almagre Review, August 2018
    • "The Golden Thread Part Two," A Story in 100 Words, July 2018
    • "The Golden Thread Part One," A Story in 100 Words, June 2018
    • "The Way the World Ends," A Story in 100 Words, April 2018
    • "There Is a Mother Waiting for You, a Kangaroo," Peacock Journal Anthology: Bea…
  33. Bigelow, Brian

    Author Brian Bigelow is originally from Minnesota and currently lives in Colorado with his wife Brandy. He is an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, and fantasy and has, for over 30 years, also written poetry which has been published worldwide. His most recent release is the classic fantasy novel, Beyond Realms.

  34. Published Works:
  35. L. Annette Binder was born in Germany and came to Colorado Springs at the age of five. She grew up in the Springs and graduated from Mitchell High School. Her stories are almost all set in Colorado Springs and its environs.

  36. Bissett, Carina

    Carina Bissett spent her youth in Colorado Springs, and eventually returned after a decade-long stint writing about the Southwest. Carina is a writer, poet, and educator working primarily in the fields of dark fiction and interstitial art. Her short fiction and poetry has been published in multiple journals and anthologies including Hath No Fury, Gorgon: Stories of Emergence, Mythic Delirium, NonBinary Review, and the HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. V. She teaches online workshops…

    Published Works:
    • "A Brief History of Death," "Characters," "Life in Redoubt," "The Last City," "…
    • "Grey Matters," Chrysalis: Fairy Tale Transformations, Fantasia Divinity Magazi…
    • "A Disappearing Act," The Horror 'Zine, March 2019.
    • "Rose Red, Snow White," The Horror 'Zine, March 2019.
    • "Persephone's Promise," The Horror 'Zine, March 2019.
    • "Burning Bright," Gorgon: Stories of Emergence, Pantheon. February 2019.
    • OH MAD ARACHNE: A Folle in Three Acts, NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, December…
    • "Mapping the collective body of Frankenstein's brides," Birthing Monsters: Fran…
    • "Blood Work," HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. V, edited by Stephanie Wytovich. Septemb…
    • "A Seed Planted," Hath No Fury, Ragnorak Publications. August 2018.
    • "Cracked," Stonecoast Review, Issue #9, July 2018.
    • "C8: A Tessellation of Faces, Wings, and other Obscure Things," NonBinary Revie…
    • "Reflections," Timeless Tales, July 2018.
    • "The Landscape of Lacrimation," The Hunger, May 2018.
    • "The Savory Taste of Temptation," The Necro-Om-Nom-Nom-Icon, Sol Nigris Press, …
    • "The Sweet Sleep of Roses, or, After the Fall," NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press,…
    • "The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen," Guest Editor, NonBinary Review, Zoetic …
    • "Serpents and Toads," Enchanted Conversations, April 2017.
    • "After Dark, When White Things Whisper," NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, Januar…
    • "Forward, Alice in Wonderland," NonBinary Review #10 Alice's Adventures in Wond…
    • Encyclopedia Entries (Beauty and the Beast Folklore, The Blue Nun, Game Songs a…
    • "Brother and Sister," Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, June 2016.
    • "Swimming with the Shark Boys," Mythic Delirium, May 2016. *Honorable mention i…
    • "Tabula Rasa," NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, February 2016.
    • "Plastic," Drunk Monkeys, December 2015.
    • "Her Scarlet Purse of Dreams," Baba Yaga, Issue #5, Timeless Tales, November 20…
    • "A Houri's Hymnody," NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, October 2015.
    • "Duet in D Minor," The Horror 'Zine, July 2015.
    • "The Making of a Monster," The Horror 'Zine, July 2015.
    • "Wolf," The Horror 'Zine, July 2015.
    • "The Yellow Press of an Ancient Power," NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, June 20…
    • "More Wings than the Wind Knows," Perseus & Medusa, Issue #4, Timeless Tales, J…
    • "Tuning's Philomel's Steely Strings in the Wasteland's Dark Matter," Alphanumer…
    • "Desert Places," Dark Lane Anthology, Volume 1, Dark Lane Quarterly Collaborati…
    • "Forbidden Fruit," Twice Upon a Time: Fairytale, Folklore, & Myth. Reimagined &…
    • "Beastly Bridegrooms Anonymous," Faery Tale Therapy, November 2014.
    • "Twelve-Step Tales," Faery Tale Therapy, November 2014.
    • "Victorious," NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, November 2014.
    • "Cast Aside," Of Hexes and Hauntings: Tales from the Other Side, Witty Bard Pub…
    • "Seeing Red," Fiction Terrifica, August 2014.
    • "Wild Girl," NonBinary Review, Zoetic Press, June 2014. *Nominated for Sundres…
  37. Steven Bivens

    At the age of 12 my family and I visited my brother while he was stationed at Ft. Carson. It was the first time that I ever saw mountains and in my young mind I told myself that one day I would live by these mountains. It is now over 45 years later and I am. But I encountered lifetime of experiences before fulfilling my childhood dream. I am from the Midwest, a flatlander. I have been a probation officer, an explosive detection trainer, a trainer for an inmate telephone company, a research…

    Published Works:
    • Mindanao: A Journey Through Life (Lulu Press, 2013)
    • Back to Mindanao (forthcoming)
    • Camiguin Gold: Island Riches Discovered (Lulu Press, 2013)
    • Out West: US 36 Travels (forthcoming)
    • Performance, Sport Cards and Racial Bias: A Cooperstown Perspective (Universit…
    • Race, Centrality and Educational Attainment: A NFL Perspective (University of …
    • Paper Bullets (article, "The Numismatist" magazine)
    • One of Your Pretty, Little, Ingenious Men (article, "The Numismatist" magazine)
    • Thank You, Mr. Ellery (article, "The Numismatist" magazine)
    • Rusty Journals (article, "Classic Toy Trains" magazine)
    • Population: People vs. Copper ("Early American Coppers")
    • An Old Cent Twist ("Early American Coppers")
  38. Black, Janice
    Published Works:
  39. Blackburn, Alexander

    Alex's mother came from an old family in Connecticut, the Cheneys, artists and silk manufacturers, and named him after his uncle, Dr. Alexander Lambert of New York, personal physician to President Theodore Roosevelt and one of the founders of Medicare. Alex's father, a Rhodes Scholar from South Carolina and professor of English at Duke University, mentored an entire generation of Southern writers, including William Styron, Ann Tyler and Reynolds Price. After college, Alex volunteered as a…

  40. Blake, Anna

    Anna Blake was born in Cavalier County, North Dakota, in 1954. She is a writer, dressage trainer, and horse advocate. Her books include Stable Relation, a Memoir of One Woman’s Spirited Journey Home, by Way of the Barn and Relaxed & Forward: Relationship Advice from Your Horse. Her newest book, released in 2016, is called Barn Dance: Nickers, Brays, Bleats, Howls and Quacks: Tales from the Herd. Blake resides at Infinity Farm on the flat, windy, treeless…

  41. Boroch, Peter

    Peter E. Boroch is a former Marine, husband and proud father. Peter attended high school at Mesa Ridge and returned to the Pikes Peak region after his time in the Marine Corps. His book The Man in the Leather Jacket: Predator Games (2017, Createspace) is based out of a fictional city in Colorado referenced from locations in Colorado Springs.

    Published Works:
    • The Man in the Leather Jacket: Predator Games (CreateSpace, 2017)
    • Daughters of War (CreateSpace, 2015)
    • Gothic Opera: Hunting Season (CreateSpace, 2015)
    • Gothic Opera: Nightmares Labyrinth (Authorhouse, 2012)
  42. Bowen, Barbara

    For 19 years I played in the Colorado Springs Symphony. My current cozy mystery series is based on those experiences.

    Published Works:
  43. Bowersox, Jodi

    Jodi Bowersox has worn many hats: actress, seamstress, designer, teacher, choir/play director, artist, and author. She has written two children's books under the pen name J.B. Stockings, but her current passion is writing romance novels. To read her blog and writing samples or to view her art gallery, go to Jodi grew up on a farm in Nebraska, then spent most of her life in the sweltering summer humidity of NE Kansas. Her…

    Published Works:
  44. Bradley, Fleur

    Fleur Bradley is the author of many middle-grade books aimed at reluctant readers, including the (spooky) mystery Midnight at the Barclay Hotel. Fleur is passionate about two things: mysteries and getting kids to read, and she regularly speaks at librarian and educator conferences on reaching reluctant readers. Originally from the Netherlands, Fleur now lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and two daughters, and entirely too many cats.

    Published Works:
  45. Bruce Brander is an international journalist and author of several books on travel and social philosophy. He has been a staff writer and photographer of newspapers in New Zealand and the United States, was a writer and editor for National Geographic, and for twelve years served as a traveling journalist and editor for World Vision, a global relief and development agency. Bruce Brander lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    Published Works:
    • Love That Works (Templeton Foundation Press, 2004)
    • Staring Into Chaos: Explorations Into the Decline of Western Civilization (Spen…
    • Australia (National Geographic, 1968)
    • The Canary Islands (Doubleday, 1967)
    • The River Nile (Nation Geographic, 1967)
    • New Zealand (Doubleday, 1965)
  46. Brandt, Kathy

    Kathy Brandt is the co-author with son, Max Maddox, of Walks on the Margins: A Story of Bipolar Illness, has published four mysteries in the Hannah Sampson Underwater Investigation Series (NAL/Penguin), and taught writing at the University of Colorado for ten years. She is a vocal advocate for those with mental illness and writes and speaks about mental health. She is past President the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Colorado Springs and in 2012 she received the NAMI…

  47. Bressett, Kenneth

    Kenneth Bressett has actively promoted the study and hobby of numismatics for over 50 years. His published works on the subject cover a wide range of topics and extend from short articles to standard reference books on such diverse areas as ancient coins, paper money, English, and United States coins. Ken moved to Colorado Springs because of its beauty as a place to live and retire. Vacationed here since 1974; moved here 1982.

  48. Brettschneider, Margaret

    In a nutshell: born, lost, found, raised in Los Angeles as a dancer, graduated, married best friend at 18, had two daughters plus half the neighborhood who came to dinner and stayed, husband died suddenly in his early thirties, life ended, then began again when I was hired by the Department of Defense to teach overseas. I am now working on a novel about PTSD set here in Colorado Springs. I need people willing to be interviewed. Contact me on my website: http…

  49. Tanja Britton

    After growing up in Germany, Tanja Britton came to Colorado Springs thanks to her husband Mike, whose family, like many, was transplanted to the Pikes Peak region because of their affiliation with the military. Her interest in medicine led her to explore the fascinating history of tuberculosis in the area, which catalyzed wider historical studies. Increasingly fond of nature, photography, and writing, she was inspired to combine her interests by starting a blog in 2016 and by writing her…