Maker in Residence: Zines and the History of Independent Publishing with Chloe Evans

For as long as ChloeBee can remember, she has expressed herself creatively through art. As a multidisciplinary visual artist, professional tarot reader, and performance artist, ChloeBee needed an outlet for her diverse creative expression and found her niche with zines. In her youth, ChloeBee's love for the medium quickly grew, and before long, she was creating zines, ornate collages, and larger collaborations with friends. Twenty years later, ChloeBee is still making independent publications, incorporating them into her tarot business by offering readings and ritual guides in a zine format. Chloe's mission is to empower workshop participants to use zines as a means to highlight their thoughts, feelings, art and communities; to educate others on the importance of free speech; and, to display all the ways we are creatively inclined.

In July/August of 2019, ChloeBee taught us about Zines. Zines are a type of self-published, hand-assembled booklets often used for self-expression and idea sharing.

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