Check-Out Limits and Loan Periods

InformationLibrary cards are limited to a maximum of 100 items total checked-out.
InformationDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, some check-out limits and loan periods may have changed.
Type of Material Check-out Limit Loan Period
AudioBookCloud Unlimited
(listen online only)
(listen online only)
Board Games 2 games 1 week
Book Club Collection 4 sets of 12 books 6 weeks
Books 100 3 weeks
Books - Adult Basic Skills (ABS) 100 6 weeks
Books on CD 100 3 weeks
Checkout Colorado State Park Passes 1 1 week
DVDs 20 1 week
DVD Sets (9+ hrs) 20 2 weeks
eReaders 1 3 weeks
Freading 3 books/week 2 weeks
Freegal 5 hrs/day streaming
5 songs/week downloading
Hoopla 10 items/month eVideo: 3 days
eMusic: 1 week
Hotspots 1 3 weeks
iPads 1 3 hours

10 items/month

3 days
Laptops 1 3 hours
Launchpads 2 7 days
Magazines 100 1 week
Music CDs 20 1 week
OverDrive 30 3 weeks
Pamphlets 100 3 weeks
Playaway and Playaway Kits 20 3 weeks
Playaway Views 5 1 week
Rapid Reads 2 1 week
Rapid Views (DVDs) 1 3 days
RBdigital 10 3 weeks
RBdigital Magazines Unlimited Unlimited
Talking Books 3 21 days
Themesets (bag with 4 books) 10 21 days
TumbleBooks Unlimited
(read online only)
(read online only)
Video Games 3 1 week

You can return materials to any library location.

For more information about check-out limits and loan periods, please call (719) 531-6333, x2380.


my comment is that i would like to help out with the library

I live in Loveland I don't come to Colorado Springs very often is there a way to get the library card maild to me

Yes, you can get an out-of-district library card and you will have access to some PPLD services, including eLibrary. You can apply for a temporary card online. Before your temporary card expires in 10 days, please visit any Pikes Peak Library District location and show a picture ID and proof of current address. You will then receive your permanent library card. If you set up an Overdrive account with your temporary card, to access ebooks online, be sure to let us know when you come in to get your permanent card. Happy reading!

Click here to learn more about out-of-district (CLC/700) library cards.

Every time I try to download a new eBook that has finally become available, it defaults to Overdrive. I want all my eBooks in Kindle format. How can I do this?

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues downloading your ebooks. Ebooks in the OverDrive catalog are available in several format; OverDrive Read and Kindle being two of those available formats. Not all titles in OverDrive will be available in all of the available formats. The titles that you have checkout through OverDrive may not be available in the Kindle format. How you can specifically find titles that are only in the Kindle format is by doing an Advanced Search and selecting the Kindle format.
If you have any other questions please call or visit the CyberDesk at Library21c, 719-884-9800 x6300

I Took out some movies and I haven't have the time to watch. Today Was my second Time To click Renew and Its said that my new due date is 12/23/16 but on the bottom Its said that the renewal limit has been reach. I AM Confuse. Does that means I Have until the 23 to returned and cant not renew anymore, or do I Have to returned today 12/16 to not be over due?

What are the requirements of checking out cameras for projects, 21c? Is there a waiting period? Also, what is the time period between renewals? Thank you in advance

Camera, lighting, and audio equipment checkouts are handled through Studio 21c. The first step is to take the Studio Orientation class which will answer all of your questions regarding the space and its equipment. You can find our class offerings here: An additional Camera and Lighting class is required to check out our professional-level video equipment.

The equipment can be reserved for up to seven days. Reservations must be made at least seven days in advance. Three items can be checked out per reservation request and only one reservation request can be made at a time.

Please visit out web site for more details:

If you have further questions, please contact us directly at 719-884-7010 or

How long will holds stay on the shelf for dvds on the bookmobile? And what is the check out period of time for 3 disc dvds from the bookmobile? Thanks

Thank you for commenting. I would be able to provide you a better answer with more details. Would you please call 719-531-6333. We're looking forward to your call.

Is there a way to look up online if you have a certain DVD available

Please forward this question to the correct PPLD department...
Charles Dicken's Little Dorrit DVD #173086489 is 4 DVDs and just under 500 hours. It is an older DVD but is not set up for 14 Days borrowing like newer DVDs, i.e, 178294641 Broadchurch - approx. 410 hours.
When I borrow Little Dorrit I never get through it in less than a week and someone else reserves it.
Can it be changed to 14 days?

Maybe you could go on amazon and buy it? Then you could watch it without interruptions

The Little Dorrit DVDs are cataloged as a DVDSET, which provides the 14 day checkout period. I'm sorry that a reply was not provided to your question earlier.

Is there a way to view my check-out history (meaning all the items I've checked out in the past) for my library card?


Thanks for your question. In the future this may be a possible option, but at this time, there is no way to view an account's check out history.


My son has his own library card and we checked out a bunch of books for him that he ended up taking to his father's house. Well due to lack of supervision of the borrowed books my daughter ended up damaging a flip-up page book. Is there a fine I can just pay or what should I do?

Hello, if an item was checked out and damaged, there are two ways to resolve the matter. You can call any Pikes Peak Library District branch, give them your sons library card number and let them know which item he has checked out was damaged and that you would like to pay for the item.
The second option is to go to any Pikes peak Library District branch, and tell them the same information. Either way, your son's account will be charged the amount of the item, and you can pay at the library with cash or through a self-check kiosk using credit card. If you call the library, you can then pay for the damaged item through his account online, using a credit card.

If you have further questions, please call: 719-531-6333


Are newspapers available through PPLD for download to Kindle, just as magazines and books are?

Hi Ryan,

We have built an extensive collection of eAudiobooks through Overdrive, our primary eBook and eAudiobook vendor. This collection includes new releases. RBDigital eAudios supplement the Overdrive collection with titles that may not be available through Overdrive, such as the Outlander series. Because of the investment and selection through these vendors, we are not currently planning to add Hoopla eAudiobooks. We frequently hear from patrons that our eAudiobook, CD Book, and Playaway collections are extensive, and hope you will give them a try.

Is there a 3 day grace period for Rapid Read books?

Hello, thanks for your question. Similar to other items that can be checked out of the library, Rapid Read books do have a three day grace period. The grace period gives patrons more leeway to return items before time is accrued for any potential fines on unreturned items.

Please keep in mind that an item might have holds, and if it is kept for three more days, that is more time another patron needs to wait before receiving their hold.

If you place a book on hold, check it out when it comes in, renew it once, and return it on time, can you never place that book on hold again? I'd like to check out a particular book again (it's been a couple months now), but it says my privilege expired...


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