Materials Reconsideration Policy

Board Policy

Pikes Peak Library District believes in freedom of information for all, and does not practice censorship. The selection of library materials is predicated on the patron's right to read and freedom from censorship by others. Library materials may be controversial and any given item may offend some person. Selections for the library are made solely on the merits of the material in relation to the development of a collection that serves the needs and interests of a diverse population.

The Pikes Peak Library District Board of Trustees recognizes that a collection of diverse materials may result in some complaints or requests for reconsideration. Pikes Peak Library District’s Collection Development Policy guides the development and continuous evaluation of the collection to reflect Pikes Peak Library District's (PPLD) mission to provide access to resources and opportunities that impact individual lives and build community.

I. District Procedures

  1. The library holds the choice of reading and viewing materials as a purely individual matter. Patrons are free to reject books and other materials of which they do not approve. Patrons may not exercise censorship to restrict the freedom of others.
  2. Responsibility for materials selected and read, heard or viewed by children and adolescents rests with their parents or legal guardians. Library selection decisions are not influenced by the possibility that materials may be accessible to minors.
  3. The Library does not indicate through the use of labels or other devices particular points of view or perspectives contained in library materials.
  4. No items are sequestered to control access.
  5. A formal process for handling reconsideration requests will be followed to assure that they are handled in an attentive and consistent manner. More information can be found here.