American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month 2023

American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month Graphic

Embrace a journey of discovery as we invite you to join us in honoring the vibrant and diverse tapestry of American Indian and Alaska Native heritage, history, and culture. Experience a world of traditions, stories, and knowledge through an array of engaging programs and valuable resources thoughtfully curated for you at PPLD!


Why She Writes – An Afternoon Chat with Joy Harjo, Internationally Renowned Performer, Writer, and Poet of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation

United States Poet Laureate and winner of the 2022 Academy of American Poets Leadership Award, Joy Harjo, joins us virtually for a chat about her most recent memoir, Catching the Light, and to discuss her rewarding lifetime as a writer and poet. In Catching the Light, Harjo examines the power of words and how poetry summons us toward justice and healing. In this lyrical meditation about the why of writing poetry, Harjo reflects on significant points of illumination, experience, and questioning from her 50 years as a poet. Learn more and register here. Registration is required to receive the link for the event.  

Heritage Recipe Post Cards

Stop by your favorite Library location and pick up heritage recipe postcards that highlight American Indian and Native Alaskan recipes and culture. These recipes come from Library staff and cookbooks.  



  • Gale eBooks
    (you will need a library card that starts with a 4 to access this resource) - Native Americans
  • Hoopla
    Find eBooks, eAudiobooks, music, videos, and more by searching “Native American” on the Hoopla app. 
  • Kanopy
    Discover videos and documentaries diving deeper into Native American culture and exploring the lives of individuals throughout history.
  • The Horace S. Poley Photographs Collection
    This is a major collection of photographic images of American Indians in the southwestern United States. Included are images of the Fiesta of San Geronimo at Taos, the Snake Dance of the Hopi, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico and the Dedication of the Ute Pass Indian Trail in 1912.
  • Digital Collections
    Search our Digital Collections for more photographs! We recommend using search terms like, “Native American,” “American Indian,” “Indian,” and “Ute.”
  • Reference and Special Collections Materials (Catalog)
    Explore American Indian heritage in reference and history texts found in our physical and digital collections.

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