Cash in on Learning: Visit the Money Museum

Colorado Springs Money Museum

Did you know that we have America’s largest museum dedicated to money right here in our own backyard? The Money Museum, which is one of our Pikes Peak Culture Pass partners, is America’s largest museum dedicated to numismatics (the study of money). Money is a culturally significant item found throughout history from ancient to modern times. Visitors to the Money Museum can see currency come to life in new ways as they explore how money is connected to art, history, science, and more. The museum includes exhibits in three main galleries, where visitors can find spectacular rarities and learn about the history of our nation and the world as seen through money. 

Located adjacent to the campus of Colorado College, the Money Museum has something for everyone. Explore history, geography, trade, art, world cultures, and more as you enjoy the exhibits. What better way to learn about money than by doing and playing? The museum also offers fun activities, interactive exhibits, and free classes that help children learn a variety of topics from the basics of how to make change to understanding monetary systems.

Visit the Money Museum to learn about the evolution of currency and how modern notions of money came to be; view the museum’s Mini Mint and learn how coins were made from the early 1500s to 1800s; or explore the famous Bebee Collection of U.S. paper money. 

The Money Museum was one of the original Pikes Peak Culture Pass partners and has collaborated with Pikes Peak Library District throughout the years. In summer 2023, the museum offered free admission to more than 100 library cardholders during the Library’s Culture Pass Summer Discount Days promotion that highlighted cultural attractions in our region. 

A new exhibition will make its way to the Money Museum in late March highlighting the rarities of American numismatics, including some rare coins and uncut paper money sheets as part of the Americana Galleria. You can explore this new exhibition with no-cost entry through the Library’s Pikes Peak Culture Pass program. Children under the age of 12 are always free.