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The PowerPass is a just-for-students library card from PPLD, granting access to the Library’s digital resources like digital resources, databases, eBooks, and song and movie downloads. Each PowerPass holder can also check out five physical items at a time from any of the 15 PPLD locations or mobile library services. Currently, all Colorado Springs School District 11 students have a PowerPass! Soon, PowerPass is coming to Harrison School District 2.

  • PowerPass for Elementary Students
  • Elementary students and their parents will benefit from kid-friendly eBook and audiobook access, digital education resources, and in-person classes at PPLD to learn how to write, draw, code, or use makerspace equipment.

  • PowerPass for Middle School Students
  • PowerPass for High School Students
  • High school and middle school students can use their PowerPass for online access to live tutors and online foreign language courses. They can also get help with projects and prepare for the future with practice driving and SAT tests.

    PowerPass Fast Facts:

  1. The student has an e-card (i.e. not a physical card)
  2. The student card # is the first five letters of their last name (fewer if the last name has less than five letters) followed by the initials of their first and middle names (if they have a middle name) and then the last four number of their student ID (for example, John Jacob Jingleheimer student ID 12345678, their PowerPass ID would beJINGLJJ5678)
  3. Student PINs are the two-digit month and day of their birthdate (ex, 0731)
  4. Student cards have the profile of STUDENT
  5. Students are allowed to check out five items and have five holds at a time. However, Interlibrary Loans are not permitted on these accounts.
  6. Student accounts can access eLibrary and Research resources as well as PCs in the libraries.
  7. Student accounts are blocked at $10 which prevents further checkouts of physical materials and use of OverDrive.
  8. Students can use the self-checkouts’ on-screen keyboard to enter their account IDs and PINs. The onscreen keyboard now displays letters and numbers.

If a parent does not wish for their child to use PowerPass, they may opt out at the child's school.


I don’t know where to log in? Every time I try it doesn’t let me

Hello Arrianna,

If you would like to log into the online catalog you can go to the top of the page and click on the right link that says My Account. From there you can log onto the catalog. If you wish to use our e-books/e-audiobooks select the eLibrary link at the top of the page and log into the many resources we have listed. If you would like research databases (or Lynda.com) click on the Research link and you'll be able to login and use our resources from there.

Hi - with PPLD’s app, I know you can link accounts easily to view materials out and status etc all with one log in - but can you also link the PowerPass? This would be a VERY helpful feature!!

Hi Cammille,

The PowerPass account for School District 11 students can be used to log on to the PPLD catalog (https://catalog.ppld.org) to place holds on books, DVDs, audiobooks and other materials. You can also use it to log on to eLibrary (https://ppld.org/elibrary) resources to download books, audiobooks, and music, or to watch videos online. Another option is to use it to access magazine articles and reference books online from the Research page (https://ppld.org/research). When you get prompted to enter a library card number and PIN, you can enter your PowerPass account ID and your PIN. Feel free to call the library (719-389-8968) for help if you run into any problems.

Hi, if my 6 year old has the power pass does it mean they can access the makerspace? Or is makerspace still restricted to 9 and up unless there is a children's event being held in the space? Thanks!

Practicing for the SAT.

Do i need a pin to use my power pass